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FAQ 2c8 Lite

FAQ 2c8 Lite

Quickdraw is activated in the toolbar and is used to quickly build a model from existing symbols.

Quickdraw icon

Hold the mouse over a symbol to show arrows in the directions where suggestions for relations to new symbols exist. Hold the mouse over an arrow to show the suggested symbols in that direction. When you click on a symbol you will get to choose a title in the same way as when you add a symbol by clicking in the model.

The keyboard shortcut to toggle Quickdraw is Ctrl+Q. If you want different suggestions in Quickdraw, this can be configured from 2c8 Administration Tool.

When copying an existing object by selecting the object and then “Copy” from the right-click menu (shortcut Ctrl+C) you can create a standalone copy of the object by right-clicking on the model area and select “Paste as copy” (shortcut Ctrl+Shift+V). The new object will have the text “(Copy)” appended to the title.

If you instead choose “Paste” (shortcut Ctrl+V) you will reuse the existing object and a new symbol1 referring to the same object will be created.

1 Objects are the underlying entities that have properties like title, description text, and connected documents. Symbols are the graphical representations of objects that are visible in the model area and have properties like color and size.  When you copy an object the regular way (Ctrl+C followed by Ctrl+V) you create a new symbol referring to the same object. The new symbol can have its own color and size, but the title and description text will always come from the underlying object. The reuse of objects is one of the strengths of 2c8 Apps compared to less advanced drawing tools but it can be a bit confusing if you are not aware of how it works.

The 2c8 Support may ask you for the log file from 2c8 Lite. Use the following steps to access and send the log file:

1. Open a model
2. Click the cube and select Support
3. Click “Log file” and save the file on your computer
4. Attach the file in a mail to the 2c8 support

There are different scenarios where you might want to move a license from one person to another. For example if someone goes on maternity leave, quits or switch position.

To move a license to another person, send an email to invoice@2c8.com or fill out this form and choose “Questions about licenses or invoices” under “Type”. It’s important that you send us contact information both of the person who is taking over the license and also of the person that has the license today.

We charge an administrative fee to move a license to another person. Exceptions are if the person goes on maternity leave, gets sick and have to leave work or quits from the organisation. For more information, please send an email to invoice@2c8.com.

In order for a 2c8 Lite user to see models in a repository on a shared server, an administrator user in 2c8 Modeling Tool has to assign models to the user.

  1. The 2c8 Lite user must be added to the current repository by a user of 2c8 Modeling Tool. This is done under “Users and Rights” in the Repository Manager.

  2. The 2c8 Modeling Tool user then need to open the current repository. Go to Workflow (Browser – Double click on Workflow). Select current models, right-click and set the user(s) who will be the maintainers, reviewers and/or approvers.
    Note that the different Workflow roles can be held by more than one user, for example, there may be more than one maintainer.

To be able to create more types of models in 2c8 Lite, an administrator needs to change the Lite-configuration in Administration Tool in Modeling Tool.

  1. An administrator in Modeling Tool needs to open Administration Tool. “Tools – Start Administration Tool…” in the menu in the Repository Manager.

2. Log in to see the configurations and edit the one called “Lite” which is located in the lower box under “Server repository configurations”.

3. Choose “Models”. In the box “Used models” the models available in 2c8 Lite are visible.

4. Move the types of models you want to make available in 2c8 Lite by using the arrows between the boxes “Excluded models” and “Used Models”. Don’t forget to save when you are done!

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