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Getting started with 2c8 Lite

Getting started with 2c8 Lite

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As a 2c8 Lite-user you will be assigned models by an administrator in Modeling Tool.

When you got access some models it could look like this:

The blue boxes contain your local models. The upper, “My models” contains your created models and the lower “Sent for maintenance” is an overview of the models you sent for approval.

The orange box shows all models you are working on.

The green boxes will show you models that are waiting for review and approval

The purple boxes contains models that you are responsible for.

To start 2c8 Lite

Follow the instructions in the “Getting-started”-document that comes along with the license.

If you are missing the document, please contact the support.

Create model

Click on the plus icon “New model” to create a new model. The new model will open automatically.

Hover over the different icons to read a brief explanation.

Add descriptions to objects

  1. Right click on the object.
  2. Choose “Descriptions”.

Link document to an object

Right click on current object and choose:

“Document – New document link / Existing document link”

When you choose to create a new document link you will get a popup where you can enter a title, select type and browse or paste a link to your document. To test your link click on “Open link”.

If you choose to use an existing document link you will get a popup containing existing documents.

Manage layers

Use layers to control, among other things, how the model content is presented in the published material. A layer is linked to one specific model type and one object type can only be linked to one layer. Layers are created and object types are connected to the layers by 2c8 Modeling Tool users.

You can turn off and turn on the different layers to easily see what objects are placed in the different layers. Click on the layer symbol and and click the eye in front of the layer to turn off and turn on the layer.

You can move a specific object to a layer by right-clicking on the object and choose “Move to layer” and select layer.

Create breakdown

  1. Right click on the object.
  2. Choose “Breakdowns – Create new”.

Your new model opens automatically.
Note that you can have several breakdowns from one object.

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