You can now download 2c8 Modeling Tool 4.3. The new version contains a lot of new functionality and updates, among others:

  • Workflow dashboard in Modeling Tool
  • A share button for easy sharing of models
  • New text editor
  • Grouped columns in matrix
  • New browser with enhanced functionality for assigning workflow responsibilities, creating lists, exporting content

Read more about the new release here, you can download the installation files here.

Upgrade to 4.3

If you have 2c8 Server functionality installed in your organization and want to use this version you need to upgrade both the client and the server at the same time. From version 4.3, we are changing to an improved version of Java’s application server Glassfish named Payara. Payara should be installed on the server and replaces the previous Glassfish installation. The reason for this change is increased security and support.

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