Modeling Tool 4.5.8 | 2c8

Version 4.5.8 of 2c8 Modeling Tool is now available for download. Download and install the new version from the “Download page

The new release mainly contains corrections of issues found in previous versions:

  • Correction: Some field values caused the web publication to fail
  • Correction: Publish failed when using the same list twice in the publish profile
  • Correction: Fixed layout issue in Admin Tool where the repository template button was not visible
  • Correction: Some custom relations were not possible to execute

This release also contains the changes made in earlier 4.5 releases

Version 4.5.7:

  • Improvement: Lists load faster in HTML publication
  • Correction: Languages are copied correct when creating breakdowns
  • Correction: FTP upload remove old folders

Version 4.5.5 + 4.5.6:

  • Improvement: Choose file names when publishing reports
  • Improvement: Choose file names for zip files when publishing
  • Improvement: Connecting by https via proxy server that requires authentication
  • Improvement: Lists are loaded faster when using fields of type “relation”
  • Improvement: Remove users from server
  • Improvement: Quicker loading of repositories in repository manager
  • Improvement: Support for properties to custom export in CLI mode
  • Improvement: Filter out invalid characters from export files when importing
  • Improvement: Set user permissions directly from server user manager
  • Improvement: Information about how personal data is being handled in the activation dialog
  • Correction: Don’t allow users to remove or disable the last admin user
  • Correction: Hide options for lists and custom relations when disabled in configuration
  • Correction: Fixed error when creating fields of type “relation”
  • Correction: Fixed error when previewing a report profile when still loading
  • Correction: Set correct state on models when importing from export files created in Lite
  • Correction: Correct order of fields connected to models and objects
  • Correction: Matrix option “Hide empty rows” correctly updates the result
  • Correction: Fixed error where incorrect files where removed when publishing in CLI mode
  • Correction: Fixed error that sometimes occurred when deleting repositories
  • Correction: Fixed issue where published lists had one entry per published language
  • Correction: Always open the correct log file under “Help/Support/Log file”
  • Correction: Fixed issues with permissions that could sometimes incorrectly block read access

This release also contains the changes made in earlier 4.5 releases

Version 4.5.4:

  • Correction: Model tabs are loaded in correct order
  • Correction: Fixed issue where import was slowed down by list results being updated

Version 4.5.3:

  • Improvement: Zooming in html no longer removes breakdown icon at a lower zoom level
  • Correction: Fixed errors when opening text editor
  • Correction: Correct font used for text in published material
  • Correction: Text editor saves changes when the only content is an image
  • Correction: The progress bar no longer freezes sometimes when closing a repository
  • Correction: The preview in the web publish profile works correctly
  • Correction: Matrices in published web material are filtered correctly with respect to models
  • Correction: Inheriting permission settings from a model to contained objects respects ownership
  • Correction: Text editor behaves correctly when saving single quotes
  • Correction: Fixed error when exporting models
  • Correction: Fixed an issue where links in descriptions were sometimes removed when publishing
  • Correction: Publishing to html with a zip file no longer generates multiple zip files
  • Correction: Matrices sort groups correctly

Version 4.5.2:

  • Improvement: Possibility to paste images directly in descriptions
  • Improvement: Message is shown to the end user during upload of updated web publication
  • Improvement: Better error messages when failing to upload files to network locations
  • Improvement: Reviewers can review models without having write permissions
  • Improvement: Better function for opening in browser when publishing, depending on which publish service is used
  • Correction: Search and replace in browser, some items could not be selected when filtered
  • Correction: Copy from browser did not work when using document roots
  • Correction: Document links are now included in web publication when only used in descriptions
  • Correction: Fixed error when opening models from “Participates in” in object properties
  • Correction: Lists are not correctly filtered on active model from the menu in web publication
  • Correction: Fields are shown correctly in web publication for models using id for web
  • Correction: Workflow field in web publication works correctly in IE 11
  • Correction: Grouping matrices by model in web publication
  • Correction: Copy properties when copying entities in information models
  • Correction: Using relation filter on lists works when making a copy of a list

Version 4.5.1:

  • Improvement so that Workflow information is shown in published models and reports
  • Correction of imports of large flexite models
  • Correction of error that appears sporadically during web publish
  • Correction of missing text in the User guide
  • Correction so that black text is available in the color picker
  • Correction of scaling of model images in reports
  • Correction so that import files from version 4.3 with status/category can be imported in version 4.5
  • Correction so that inactivated users are not assigned to Workflow roles
  • Correction of FTP upload that fails with some FTP servers
  • Correction of mail notifications so that mails are sent when importing drafts from 2c8 Lite to server
  • Correction of web publish search to not show duplicates
  • Correction so that path can be set immediately when creating a document root

Version 4.5:

  • New feature: A new field type “Relation” that can be used to access information from custom relations
  • New feature: Create a template for new repositories on a 2c8 server
  • New feature: A privilege added to control which users are allowed to change fields
  • New feature: Possible to configure and use center-to-center relations
  • New feature: New symbol type “Adaptation”
  • Improvement by moving statuses and categories for models and objects to the more general field section.
  • Improvement of performance when filtering several categories and document types
  • Improvement so that the order of list columns can be set when the list is created
  • Correction of problem to restore previous version of a model in some situations
  • Correction so earlier log messages for a model version can be viewed
  • Correction of exports failing in some situations
  • Correction of folders on server that could not be removed
  • Correction of imports of information models using the wrong language
  • Correction so that the text font for submenus in the web publish can be changed

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