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2c8 Modeling Tool 5.3 RC is now released! A RC-version is a Releace Candidate of a new version that we want our users help us test before we release it to everyone. Remeber to not overwrite your current installation of 2c8 Modeling Tool when installing the RC-version.

Download 2c8 Modeling Tool 5.3 RC for Windows

Download 2c8 Modeling Tool 5.3 RC for Mac

You might get the warning showed below when installing. It’s there because we have changed company name during the past year, and there have not been enough installations to make the certificate trusted by Microsoft yet. It will not occur once the actual version of 5.3 is here, but we have not managed to get rid of it for the RC. To proceed with the installing, click “More info” and run anyway.

We are very greatful if you report any bugs and try out our new functions and send us any feedback at! Keep reading to find out what’s new in 2c8 Modeling Tool version 5.3.

New web publishing

Our new web publishing that makes it easier and more visual to configure the web profile is released in version 5.3. The generated webpage has also got a big facelift.

News in the new web publishing:

  • The generated webpage is responsive and works just as well on the computer as on smartphones and tablets.
  • The webpage meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • If publishing multiple language you can link to the material in any of the languages.
  • Date when the material was last published.
  • The model you view is selected in the model tree.
  • Possibility to use custom names for lists and matrices when publishing.
  • Make custom information visible when viewing models or clicking objects based on other critera than model or object type. Fields for example.
  • Make a custom main menu for a selection of models.
  • Preview the changes for both desktop and mobile before publishing.
  • Note that we do not support Internet Explorer. Make sure the ones that will access the published material have access to Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Editing the profile.

Preview for mobile devices.

Editing content of a panel.

Document API and Sharepoint plugin

We have created an API for documents that makes it possible for documents to be loaded from third party sources. This creates a possibility for document management systems to build their own plugins to 2c8, to make the documents available in 2c8. Our partner Axalon have built a plugin between 2c8 and Sharepoint automatically loading Sharepoint documents into 2c8. Contact Axalon for demo and prices.

Settings for Sharepoint plugin.


In the browser you can show all documents from Sharepoint side by side with your ordinary 2c8-documents. You can connect the documents to models and objects or create lists just like you would with manually added documents.

Small changes in approved models

If you need to make a change in an object that is part of approved models, the correct way of doing it is to create a new version of all models and approve them again to create a new approved version of the model, containing the change in the object. This is a lot of work when, for example, correcting a spelling mistake. We have added a function to make it possible to make changes on a specific object without having to create a new version of the models it is used in. To use the function you need to turn it on in Admin Tool, and the user that should be able to make the unapproved change needs to be an administrator on the server or have the privilege in the repository.

Setting in Admin Tool.


Privilege for a user on a repository.

Easier to manage fields

The interface around creating and connecting fields to models and objects has been updated. Now you can change the order of field values and connect them to objects and models right when creating them.

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