2c8 Lite 5.4 - 2c8

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Account to log in

With version 5.4 of 2c8 Apps we are introducing 2c8 Portal for managing users and licenses. This means that 2c8 Lite-users will get a 2c8-account when upgrading to 5.4. With your account you can log in to the portal to see what products you have and who the administrators in your organziation are. You can also edit your own contact information and your own passowrd, or reset your password if you forget it. This also means that when starting any of our products you will be asked to log in, and you will not have to log into the server. The application will recognize you and based on your 2c8 account make sure that you get access to the correct server.

2c8 Approve and maintenance of models

2c8 Approve is the cost effective web app for those within the organization that is only involved in approving, reviewing and leaving feedback on models. Focus for the web app is to involve process owners, managers and other similar roles, without the need of a license for either 2c8 Modeling Tool or 2c8 Lite.

All users of 2c8 Lite will get access to 2c8 Approve for reviewing and approving models. 2c8 Approve will be developed further and focus only on perfecting the experience of reviewing, approving, and giving feedback on models. The web app is seamlessly integrated with the installed applications and works just as well on your phone as on your computer. This means that you can review and approve models whenever you want, wherever you want, and therefore make the maintenance of models even more efficient.