2c8 Modeling Tool 5.4.2 - 2c8

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New in version 5.4.2

  • Correction: Wrong icons for lists on HiDPI-screens.
  • Correction: “Connection to server lost”-dialog had no border.
  • Correction: Model chooser in web profile had no border.
  • Correction: Error message when starting the program on Mac.
  • Correction: Menu’s to the left in dialogs were too wide.
  • Correction: Pop-up to write a message and send the model to the next step in the maintenance flow was too big sometimes.
  • Improvement: Possibility to set custom timeout for individual customers when starting the applications.
  • Improvement: Multiple instances of the application can not run at the same time.

Version 5.4.1

  • Correction: Could not start the application on Mac arm64.

Version 5.4