2c8 Modeling Tool 5.3.9 - 2c8

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Interested in what is new 2c8 Lite and what was new in an earlier version? Find all release notes here.

New in version 5.3.11

  • Correction: Splash screen was too big on high resolution screens.
  • Correction: Could not scroll Sharepoint filters.
  • Correction: Text objects was invisible in the published material if excluding descriptions for objects in the web profile.
  • Correction: Breakdowns was not working in the preview of the web profile.

Version 5.3.10

  • Correction: If you had changed color of the relation arrows the color was not copied when copying multiple objects and their relations.
  • Correction: Error when filtering on “no maintainer” in the browser.
  • Correction: Custom filtering to show separate information in the web profile was not showing up when editing the filter.
  • Correction: Breakdown and information icons were hidden behind images when adding an image to an object.
  • Correction: No result when filtering on unused document links in the browser.
  • Correction: Document lists filtered on current model in the web profile did not work. 
  • Correction: Did not work to add a document in the menu of the web profile that was not connected to a model or object.
  • Correction: In the published material the result of the relation “flow from” was shown under the relation “flow to”.
  • Correction: Wrong layers could be shown in the web profile.
  • Correction: When showing workflow information in a Swedish web profile, some information was not translated to Swedish.
  • Improvement: Show the icon of the layer infront of the layer name when right clicking an object and moving it to another layer.
  • Improvement: Link to our e-learning platform from the application.
  • Improvement: Improved error message when trying to connect to a server of the wrong version.

Version 5.3.9

  • Correction: Word reports got the wrong font.
  • Correction: Information models got stuck when validation because of changed size of object.
  • Correction: Documents with Swedish characters were not sorted correctly in the browser.
  • Correction: When copying and pasting swimlane objects the text color changed if you had made it white.
  • Correction: Link to trial license in activation dialog was wrong.
  • Correction: Dialog to change relation type was shown in the wrong position when the model was zoomed in.
  • Correction: Program sometimes crashed when connecting a document to an object through the properties dialog.
  • Correction: Program sometimes crashed if approving a model too soon after it was sent for approval.
  • Correction: Could not right-click and paste url when creating document link.
  • Correction: When creating a repository from a template, it was always showing to include 0 models.
  • Correction: In program release notes did not work for Mac.
  • Correction: Report profiles was published with just the start model.
  • Correction: “New web profile”-popup froze on Mac.
  • Correction: Inconsistent mouse pointer when hovering clickable elements.
  • Correction: Inconsistent icon to search in a repository.
  • Improvement: Clearer title when picking an icon to represent a relation in a matrix.
  • Improvement: Better icon for opening a repository.
  • Improvement: Standard logo in report profile is now of better quality. 

Version 5.3.7

  • Correction: Error when using the report profile.

Version 5.3.5

  • Correction: Documents created in version 5.3 was not copied when publishing with the old web profile.

Version 5.3.4

  • Correction: Swimlane objects placed inside each other got strange relationships.
  • Correction: For users of the Sharepoint plugin it did sometimes not work to attach Sharepoint documents through the properties dialog.
  • Correction: Did not work to search on both first and last name when adding maintainer/reviewer/approver/subscribers.
  • Correction: Lists filtered on relations could cause new lists to be created automatically.
  • Correction: Could not open the image picker on Mac.

Version 5.3.3

  • Correction: Transparency option in the color picker did not work and is removed.
  • Correction: The program got bigger than the screen and could not be closed.

Version 5.3.2

  • Correction: Publishing via FTPS to IIS did not work.

Version 5.3.1

  • Correction: Removed the option to opt out of finding new updates (that does not work anymore).
  • Correction: The document panel was sometimes empty when opening a repository.
  • Improvement: Updated chapters in the manual.

Version 5.3