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2c8 Modeling Tool Level 2

2c8 Modeling Tool Level 2

This level 2 education is aimed at the users who have the basic knowledge of 2c8 Modeling Tool, but want to maximize the benefits of the software by understanding and using more functionality to gather information, analyse it, and present it to the end-users. Our education philosophy is “learning-by-doing” and our sessions will have you working in 2c8 Modeling Tool with the guidance of our knowledgeable consultants.

The purpose of the education is for you to handle and utilize the opportunities available when you have gathered several models. You will learn how to use and develop the information in the models to do analyses and implementations such as a management system and information accounting.  You will also learn how to adapt the end-user’s interface through publishing to the web and creating reports, and also how you collect and present information in the repositories in different ways.

After completed education you have knowledge about:

  • Different ways to share models
  • Web profiles and publish locations
  • How to create and use lists and matrices
  • How to create and use fields, descriptions, and information about relations
  • How to produce reports and report profiles
  • The basic functionality for workflow and version management

Models being processed during the education is:

  • Process models
  • Organizational models
  • Interested party models
  • Relationship models
  • General models

The education is available as a teacher-led education through e.g Microsoft Teams. The education is spread throughout three separate sessions. During these lessons, our consultants will go through different segments in 2c8. At the same time, you will have the possibility to perform each segment in 2c8, therefore “learning-by-doing”. You always have the chance to ask our consultants questions during the education, and they will help and guide you through the steps.


2c8 Modeling Tool Level 1


  • 2c8 Modeling Tool with license needs to be installed on your computer.
  • Possibility to use Microsoft Teams as a screen-sharing software during the course.


3 sessions, 2 hours each


700 EUR/650 GBP/845 USD (participant nbr 2 and onward from the same organization: 500 EUR/450 GBP/555 USD)

Teacher-led education

Through Microsoft Teams

We will schedule the education within two weeks from ordering. It will consist of 3 sessions, 2 hours each.
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