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Server administration

Server Administration

2c8 offers server administration to those clients who do not wish to manage repositories, users, profiles, upgrades etc. on their own. 2c8 will carry out administration services in accordance with a server administration agreement with the client. 

Services include: 

Administration of repositories, users and rights

Receive help with managing users, user groups, repositories and connecting users to specific repositories. 

Manage Profiles

Configurations and models in the 2c8 Modeling Tool are managed by one or several profiles. The profiles can be customized depending on changing needs and requirements. 2c8 can help you manage these profiles and set them up to ensure your organization and users get the most out of the modeling tool. 


Manage Upgrades

2c8 will manage new upgrades and features.  We will also ensure users experience minimal interruption in their modeling. 


Backup and Restoration of Data

2c8 runs data backups on our server every 24 hours and will assist client with retrieving and restoring lost data.