2c8 Modeling Tool allows you to gather your lean activities in a clear way, create flow analyses and eliminate non-value creating factors. Practicing lean means making complex matters easy.

The main purpose of lean is to understand the customer’s needs and to deliver extra value to the customer by focusing on your core processes, not wasting anything.

The interested party model and the relationship model means that you can structure the customer requirements that make up the basis for the organization’s core processes. The process model maps the value-creating flows and thus creates an understanding of how we work today and where we have our weak points. One of the tools in lean is flow analyses. Once you have mapped the process models, you can create flow analyses by identifying value-creating and non-value creating activities as well as noting problems, risks and opportunities directly in the model.

With 2c8 Modeling Tool you can use lean to work together in workshops, which creates an environment where the employees can attend to, develop and standardize tasks. By continuously reflecting and improving, you will over time get an organization that is always learning.

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