Management systems

Management systems

2c8 Modeling Tool is an excellent tool to map a business and to, for example, meet management system requirements set out by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare for continuous improvements SOSFS 2011:9, and the international quality standard ISO 9001.

Management systems or visual management systems are one of the applications of 2c8 Modeling Tool

Management systems provide co-workers with information about governing and management processes and the fulfillment of customer needs. Through continuous improvements, the business targets and requirements from statute books and standards such as SOSFS 2011:9, ISO 9001 or regulations from the Swedish National Food Agency can be met.

By mapping processes in the business, it is easy to address requirements from laws, regulations and standards to the activities that will manage them and thus improve necessary work methods and knowledge.

Models created with 2c8 Modeling Tool are published online so that co-workers have easy access to their tasks in the management system where information is readily available on how the work should be carried out and whether there are computer systems or other supporting tools.

You can find examples of visual management systems among our web publications

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