Risk analysis

Risk analysis

There are different risk analysis methods and with 2c8 Modeling Tool you can effectively collect and evaluate risks regardless of method.

2c8 Modeling Tool allows you to work systematically and proactively with risk analyses, using existing information about your business and processes to identify and evaluate risks, identify underlying causes and develop measures to eliminate or reduce the risks, or mitigate the consequences of negative events.

2c8 - Riskanalys

The main steps usually involve

  • Compiling and revising a description of the process in question and the activities involved
  • Identifying risks, i.e. the risk of negative events for each activity in the process
  • Evaluating risks, usually by considering how serious the consequence would be and the likelihood of it happening
  • Identifying underlying causes, i.e. the causes which would eliminate the risk if they were removed or restricted
  • Developing a proposal for preventative measures based on underlying causes and a follow-up strategy to check whether the measures have been carried out and been effective
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