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Contact support

There are many resources to use to get the help you need.


See our FAQ where we have the most frequently asked questions with answers.

Guides to get started

Our guides to get you started with 2c8 Modeling Tool and  2c8 Lite is a good place to start learning the basics of how to use the programs. The page for Modeling Tool include videos to complement the written guides. Both guides include a list of which shortcuts are available in the programs.

Instruction videos

Watch instruction videos here on the website to help you solve common issues. There are videos about how to create layers, adjusting labels and adding descriptions.

Manual & instructions

You can read the manual here on the website. To cover areas that aren’t represented in the manual you can read the PDF instructions.

Contact support

If you can’t find the answer to your questions in the resources mentioned above you can always contact us by filling out this form. Try to be as detailed as possible in your description and do not forget to enter version. If you are not sure which version you have, you can find it in the program under Help > About.

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