How does the Responsive Web Profile work? | 2c8
How does the Responsive Web Profile work?

To getting started with the responsive web profile install the plug-in “Responsive Web”.

Read about install plug-in here.

Customize your responsive web profile

To customize your responsive web profile go to “Tools – Publish..” in the menu and double click on your profile.

If you do not have a responsive web profile among your profiles just add by clicking on the plus-icon.


Under the tab “Profile” set name, description and choose your start model.


Under the tab ”Filter” select models witch will follow to your published material. Your will also manage layers and languages here.


Under the tab ”Layout -Top panel” you set the layout on your top panel.

The top panel is divided into two areas. The top area is marked with an orange frame (1) and the lower part is marked with a green frame.

  1. Set your logo, build you menu and search functionality.
  2. Show the breadcrumbs, language, layers and print functionality.

Under the tab ”Models” set the information you want to visualize for the published models. Choose among the “Available components”.

Notice! This applies to models that follow “Default layout”. If information is missing in the published material, it may be because that model has other setting. Make sure to check your models, if they are following the “Default Layout” or if they have other settings.  Models that are bold in the dropdown have their own settings otherwise the follow the “Default layout”.

The same principles applies for the tab “Symbols” as for the previous tab “Model”.