How do I change fonts, size and color of the text in "Description"? | 2c8
How do I change fonts, size and color of the text in “Description”?

To adjust the color and size of headings and text in descriptions and how they are displayed in the published material you need to make the adjustments in the web profile you are using. This makes all descriptions on all objects and models use the same formatting.

Note that you can make different adjustments for every web profile you have.


If you open “Properties” – “Description” on a model or object there is a drop down that has the same name as your web profile. Choose a profile and the text in the description will preview what the text will look like in your published material.

To change these settings:

1. Select the web profile you want to use and click on the pen to edit (“Tools” – “Publish”).

2. Go to “Appearance” – “Theme”

3. Choose descriptions and adjust desired settings. (Normal = Paragraphs)

4. These settings correspond to the formatting options you see in the description dialog.


The size of the text is set in e.m’s. If you are used to other units, please see the table below:

Note that if you change fonts, size and color in the description dialog it will override the adjustments you have made in the web profile.