How do I get a report on current model from the published material? | 2c8
How do I get a report on current model from the published material?

Print from web pages

When publishing to web pages, it is possible to add a button for report attachments that can be printed, where the content of the reports is controlled by a report profile chosen in your web profile.

Choose a report profile for printing

The example below shows how to create a report of size A4 in landscape orientation with just an image of each model as the content.

Open the publish dialog and create a new report profile. Use an appropriate name for the report profile to make it easy to remember the purpose of the profile later.

In the report profile, change the orientation of the page to “Landscape” in the “Layout” section.

Go to the tab ”Models” and delete the field ”Model Contents” by clicking the cross. This will have the effect that no symbols will be listed below the image of each model. Press “Ok” to exit the settings dialog.

The report that is created will look like this:

Activate button for report printing in web profile

To activate the report attachments feature in your web pages open your web profile and go to the “Layout” section and the “Menu” tab. This is where you can control what is shown in the menu of the web pages.

Check the ”Create report” checkbox and choose which report profile to use in the dropdown menu. Then choose if you want attachments as PDF documents, Word documents or both. By clicking the icon to the right of each document format you can choose which icon to use in the menu. You will for instance find the print icon here.

Click ”Ok” to save your settings and exit the settings dialog.

You can now publish and get report attachments as PDF or Word documents that can be used for printing. Please note that the publish process will take longer than before since now a report is created for each model that is part of the web pages created.