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Where should I put a web publication from 2c8 Modeling Tool?

The web publication created by 2c8 Modeling Tool is a web application1 that is built to be placed on and shown by a web server like Microsoft IIS or Apache HTTP Server. Our recommendation is that a web publication is placed on a web server since this will provide optimal performance when the web publication is shown to the end user in the web browser.

A web publication can also be shown directly via disk, for instance on a computers C: or a network drive with a device name like G: Please note that the performance may suffer if the speed to the disk is slow due to the network or the disk itself.

Cloud services for file storage such as DropboxGoogle Drive or Microsoft OneDrive can be used to share (sync) a web publication between users, but not to show a web publication directly from the cloud since these services don’t provide a web server service. This means that you cannot view a web publication from the web interface of these services, but you can sync the files of the web publication to your computer and then view the web publication by opening the file “index.html” in Windows Explorer.

Services offering the customer to create their own websites but not to upload custom javascript files (e.g. Google Sites) cannot be used to show a web publication from 2c8 Modeling Tool.

Read more about or web publication in the document Setting up publish locations for 2c8 Modeling Tool.

1 The web publication from 2c8 Modeling Tool consists of a file index.html and a folder pages-{TIMESTAMP} which among others contain the following file types:html, css, xml, javascript and png.