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Why do I get warnings when I publish to the web?

The most common reason for warnings when publishing to the web is that there is a link to an object, model or document link that has been removed from the repository. The link is usually located in the description text for another object or model.

In the following example we get a warning when we publish that tells us that “Perform outdoor job” is referring to a removed document link:

Publish warning 1

“Perform outdoor job” can be an object or a model. In our example there is an object with that name. If we take a look at the description of the object we can see that we have text that is linked to a document link. The document link is no longer in the repository (it has been removed).

Publish warning 2

Select the text and either choose to link the text to a new document link (the “Chain” icon) or remove the link (the “Broken chain” icon). Then the warning will disappear the next time we publish.

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