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2c8 Apps

2c8 Apps

2c8 Apps lets you create visual models of your business, from the overall level down to the details. Create process flows, address requirements, connect data and documents, identify risks, and much more – everything is possible with 2c8 Apps.

An advantage with 2c8 Apps compared to other products on the market is the possibility to see the same information but from different perspectives. Using various models and model types, you can present different parts of the organization. For example, you can use objects illustrating individuals and reuse these individuals in many other models, which means you can better understand how everything is connected. The reusable objects also mean that you can edit an object in one model, and the change will push to all other models where the object has been reused, thus making it a lot easier to maintain.

2c8 Apps is developed based on a method that makes it easier for our users to model correctly. When adding objects to models, you will get suggestions on which objects to place next. Furthermore, a suitable relation will automatically be placed between different objects, making mapping your processes a lot more efficient. You can also create rules regarding which objects should be used, what sizes objects should be, and create color profiles based on your company colors. This way, you can make standardized models unique for your organization, regardless of who creates the models.

The published material from 2c8 Apps is the final product that your colleagues, stakeholders, or management can view and interact with. The material is published on the web and becomes an interactive site where end-users can navigate through the models and find all necessary information. In addition, the published material works just as well on a smartphone or a tablet as on a computer. This means your coworkers can easily access checklists, routines, or policies, wherever they are. You can also choose to publish your material as a Word-, or a PDF report containing model images, descriptions, or links to documents.


Maintenance of models in 2c8 Apps is based on assigning different users maintenance roles for models. Users of 2c8 Apps can be modelers, reviewers, or approvers of models. This way, you can distribute the responsibility and make sure the right people model, review and approve your models before publication. Using the maintenance flow, you can ensure a high quality of your published models.

Visual models are usually easier to understand than text describing complex processes. The idea of models created in 2c8 Apps is to replace the high amount of documents in your organization while still keeping the possibility to complement your models with necessary documents. Transform your traditional documents to visual models and connect documents such as checklists or policies straight to the activities they affect. This way, coworkers can easily find the correct document in the published material. As a user of 2c8 Apps you can also create and select document types for your documents, and then create lists based on filters. The end users can easily access these lists and find the relevant documents to support them in their daily work.

The product suite 2c8 Apps

2c8 Apps consists of different products that form a complete solution for your business. From administration and quality assurance to mapping and publishing for the end-users to view.

The main application with complete functionality to map and publish your material.
The additional application to update and maintain your models.
The web app to review and approve models.

Types of models in 2c8 Apps

To describe the complex reality of a business, you need different types of models. Below, you can find the most commonly used model types in 2c8 Apps.

Who uses 2c8 Apps?

The need for visualizing models occurs within most industries and businesses. 2c8 Apps is created for those who want a powerful but easy software to map their business.

2c8 Apps offers a scalable solution with different products for different needs, where your licenses can be distributed in a way that suits you. Regardless of the size of your organization, 2c8 has a solution for you.

We have customers in all different industries, all the way from government organizations to manufacturing industries and other commercial businesses. Are you a consultant using 2c8 Apps in your customers’ solutions? Then, join a partnership with us.

Quick draw

Map quickly and correct with automatically suggested symbols.

Adapt rules and regulations

You can create a set of regulations for which object- and model types are allowed.

Layer management

Map information in layer that can be hidden or shown.

Object orientation

Reusable objects make it possible to change many models from one place.

Multi-user support

Multiple users can work on the same models.

Color profile

Change the appearance of your models with color profiles.

Online publication

Publish your material straight to the web. Quick and easy.


Set subscribers for your entire organization to get a notification when a model has been updated.


Create matrices to show the relationship between objects and models.

Revision management

Full control of revisions of models and objects.

Responsibility description

Use a more detailed description of responsibility by RACI

Adapting interface

You can choose which functions should be available in the software.

Method support

The software has a built-in method that makes it easier to map correctly. It can also be adapted to your needs.

Multi-language support

Titles and texts in models can be managed in many different languages.


Create lists of objects, models, and documents in your repository.

Swedish or English

Choose between Swedish or English as an application language.