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Consulting services

Consulting services

2c8 is a product company that also helps customers with consulting services related to 2c8 Apps and its solutions. Our consultants have extensive experience in business development and can assist customers in several application areas. 

Hourly bank

As a customer, you have the opportunity to acquire an hourly bank with one of our consultants who help you with your work. We can help with everything from starting up work, coaching, and workshops to settings or building attractive start pages.

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Below you can read more about the different example areas where our consultants can support you:


Document the processes and activities in which you process personal data, the legal basis for processing personal data, or the types of personal data processed. Our consultants will help you use fields, extract lists, matrices, and much more to facilitate your GDPR work.

Management system

The most common use of 2c8 Apps is to create digital management systems. To quickly get started with your management system, 2c8 has developed a package for Management Systems that is created according to the ISO 9001 framework.


Working with 2c8 Apps in workshops effectively creates consensus within the organization and includes all perspectives in your mapping. Our consultants have extensive experience working with clients in workshops to map their organizations.

Getting started

Getting started is often the most essential part of your business mapping. Our consultants have extensive experience with start-ups and can help you get started with your work in the best way possible. A good foundation to stand on also creates the conditions for continued successful work in 2c8 Apps.

ISO standards

The ISO package helps you to quickly get started with addressing requirements directly in your models and get an overview matrix that shows which requirements are set and where in the organization you are expected to have the ability to meet the requirements.