Installation and technical services - 2c8

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Installation and technical services

Installation and technical services

Support during or full assistance with the installation is included in our 2c8 Apps offering. You can book an appointment in the calendar that suits you. It is also possible to book an appointment to schedule an upgrade of your 2c8 Server. 2c8 also offers a number of additional technical services in order to ensure that our clients are adequately equipped and receive the best possible support with their mapping.

Installation of client and special configurations

We are able to create configurations according our clients’ requirements, including customized settings, profiles and rules for mapping. For instance, it is possible to limit what types of maps some users are able to use and what maps are available for publishing. Layout and color schemes are also easy to change depending on personal preference.

Hosting services

Working with a server is necessary if maps and models are to be created and shared between numerous users. If you don’t wish to manage a server, databases or installations, 2c8 provides these types services. Leave the maintenance to us and you are able to start working in the repository straight away!

Web hosting - easy access to webserver for publishing your models

webbhosting med 2c8 Apps
2c8 offers hosting to publish and give access to models via the web. As a customer, you don’t need to worry about either installing or maintaining your own webserver. Place your order and access the information needed for both publishing and viewing your models. Read more