2c8 Apps 5.3 is now released! - 2c8

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Version 5.3 is now released! If you have installed the software using the launcher and if you don’t have 2c8 Server functionality, you should already have the latest version. If you have 2c8 Server functionality, make sure to book your upgrade in our calendar as soon as possible.

The biggest news in version 5.3 is the new and improved web profile. It is now easier than ever to publish user-friendly and available material to view on both computer and phone. Read about what’s new in version 5.3 here.

We have updated our FAQ with information about the new web profile. You can also read chapter 16.1 in our updated user manual to learn more about the new web profile.

Would you like us to help you with setting up the new web profile? Based on the settings in your old profile, we can create a new web profile in version 5.3 which you later import. This means you can quickly get started using the new way of publishing your material. We’ll set up a meeting together with you, where we can see what has been done and how you move forward. Does this sound interesting? Contact info@2c8.com and we’ll tell you more.