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DIY 2c8 Cube

DIY 2c8 Cube

At the online conference for our Swedish customers (read more and sign up for the version in English here) the 2c8 Cube got a lot of attention – we even got questions if it was for sale! So we created a DIY-kit to make your own 2c8 Cube.

Why a cube?

The 2c8 logo resembles a cube. To us the cube represents an organization with multiple sides. Your perspective of the organization depends on which side you are looking at. 2c8 Apps makes it possible to spin the cube around to view a different perspective. 2c8 Apps also allows you to see how different perspectives are connected, providing a comprehensive view of your organization.

Get the cube

To print the cube and instructions, download this pdf.

Would you rather download an export file to use your own color profile or make other changes? Here you can get the export file for 2c8 Modeling Tool 5.1 (or later).