About us

About us

2conciliate Business Solutions AB is the owner and developer of the process mapping and modeling tool 2c8 Apps.

Our mission

The easiest modeling tool in the world

Our story

2c8 was founded by CEO Jan E Larsson who has been working as a business development consultant since the early 90s. At a follow-up visit to a client who Mr. Larsson had helped develop a management system for, he found the client struggling to successfully implement the system. He realized the client needed a user-friendly tool to bring process maps and models visualized on whiteboards into their everyday workflow and business activities. Consequently Mr. Larsson created 2c8 Modeling Tool with an intuitive interface and at a competitive price point. 

2c8 is short for 2conciliate, our original company name. 2conciliate derives from the Latin word for union, conciliatus. The connotation of the name suggests that 2c8 brings organizations and people together, which is one of our company’s ultimate goals.


2c8 has built success together with numerous partners. Together with our partners, we offer software integrations, plugins and mutilation solutions for customers. We also have partners who use our products as part of their toolbox when delivering their own services. Interested in a partnership with 2c8, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

2conciliate Business Solutions

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