About us

About us

2conciliate Business Solutions AB is a product company and the developer and owner of 2c8 Software.

Our mission

The easiest modeling tool in the world

Our story

The idea behind 2conciliate was created by business development consultants. Jan E Larsson, founder and CEO, has been working with business visualization since the late 90s, using everything from basic drawing boards to advanced mapping systems. It was when Jan E Larsson visited a customer for whom he had created a management system a year earlier that he realized the need for user-friendly modeling tools. Because despite the customer’s investment in consultant costs and time, they had not used the management system since the launch – and this during a year when a lot had happened in the company.

He came to the conclusion that the customer did want to embrace tools that were complex and expensive, and so a dream was born to create a tool that was better than PowerPoint and Visio but not as complex (or expensive) as the systems available on the market. A vision of the easiest modeling tool in the world where the customers are able to manage their models themselves.

Our name

2conciliate plays with the Latin word conciliātus in present tense, which means to win, unite and mediate, something we consider to be the effect when we meet around graphic models. This is also reflected in our logo, which consists of two arrows that meet where the circles in the background  bring to mind the quality circle Plan-Do-Check-Act, with constantly ongoing efforts and constant movement, which might look slightly chaotic at first but with a distinct center where the arrows meet.


  • Founded in 2006
  • Head office in Karlstad, Sweden
  • Branch office in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Customers in over 40 countries
  • Companies in Sweden, Norway and USA
  • Profitable from the start
  • 100% organic growth
  • No external capital

Visiting address

Älvgatan 5
652 25 Karlstad
Ringvägen 100
118 60 Stockholm
American Chamber of Commerce
Attention: 2conciliate Business Solutions Inc
570 Lexington Avenue, 20th Floor, New York, NY, 10022


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