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Get started with 2c8 Modeling Tool download

Get started with 2c8 Modeling Tool - Download

An activation email is sent to your email address. If it hasn’t arrived within a few minutes, check your spam folder.

Step 1: Download 2c8 Modeling Tool

Step 2: Activate your account and start modeling!

Click the link in the activation email and follow the instructions. Install the application and run it. Log in with your email address and the password you just chose.

If you need help to get started using 2c8 Modeling Tool, read our guide to get started which includes both written instructions and videos to get you started! There is also a support section with answers to frequently asked questions about our products.

2c8 trial limitations

Please note that the 2c8 trial have certain limitations. Material created during the trial period can be transferred to the real version after purchase.

The limitations are as follow:

  1. Valid for 30 days after activation
  2. No export function
  3. Cannot connect to a server
  4. A maximum of three repositories
  5. No privileges
  6. Published models are watermarked
  7. Access to only four types of models (process model, product model, organization model and swimlane model)
  8. Create a maximum of 10 models
  9. No access to information models and concept models
  10. No alt-id/id for the web
  11. No custom relations
  12. Importing will only work if the export file meet number 1-7

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