Get started with your modeling – Foundation course - 2c8

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Get started with your modeling – Foundation course

Get started with your modeling – Foundation course

This foundation course is aimed at those who wants to get started quickly and get a comprehensive presentation of 2c8 Modeling Tool. The course is “hands-on”, which means that you will get to work with the tool during the course.

The purpose of the course is for you to learn about the possibilities of 2c8 Modeling Tool and to make you feel familiar with how to create and publish business models.

After the course you will have knowledge of:

  • The features and interface of the application used to build business models
  • Managing objects, models and repositories
  • How to link documents and information
  • How to adjust colors and appearance of objects and models
  • How to publish models to the web
  • How to present information in different views
  • How to present information in lists and matrices

Models covered in the course:

  • Process models
  • Organization models
  • Interested party models
  • Relationship models
  • General models

The first class is focusing on how to create process models, creating document links and publishing to the web. The second class covers the other types of models and gives an insight into a bit more advanced functionality. The last class is adaptable for you as a course participant where you have the possibility to book an appointment to receive feedback and coaching on your own models.