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FrontAvenue is a Danish company that develops and sells a cloud-based quality- and work environment portal to public businesses and different industries. FrontAvenues solution is called SafetyNet and is developed to ease the workflows which are connected to workplace environment management, quality/revision, insurance administration, HR, and course administration.

2c8 and FrontAvenue have now become partners, which means that FrontAvenue has become an important channel for 2c8 Apps on the Danish market. 2c8 believes this collaboration will be very rewarding when the combination of the tools gives a powerful, visual and multidimensional end result for the customers.

We are excited to see how this collaboration will develop and we hope it will facilitate more danish companies realizing the benefits of a far more manageable and process-oriented way of working.

SafetyNet is also sold in Sweden through our mutual partner Axintor.

Would you like to know more about the collaboration? Contact:

Anders Fernqvist
+46 70 475 98 57


Claus Holst Sørensen
+45 31 32 01 81