Develop and make your operation more efficient with EY:s working method for process mapping - 2c8

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EY has together with 2conciliate carried out a number of successful projects where the customers processes have been analyzed and developed to clarify work procedures and responsibilities for planning, follow-up and governance.

The work has been carried out with the support of EY’s working method and 2c8 Modeling Tool. The the delivery has in short included:

  • Management system available on the intranet. Easy to get an overview and to find details on how to do an activity and by who, through navigating, searching och matrices.
  • Knowledge among the customers about methods and tools for further developing.

If you want to know more about the setup, contact:

Anne-Louise Hallin, Business councelor på EY
+46 70 3830120

Mathias Wallin, Business developer på EY
+46 730 60 73 71