Modeling Tool 5.0 - 2c8

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2c8 Modeling Tool 5.0 is now available for download. Keep reading to find out what is new in version 5.0. Get your version of 2c8 Modeling Tool 5.0 here.

2c8 Apps – New name of the entire suite

2c8 Launcher

Version 5.0 and forward of 2c8 Modeling Tool will update itself on a regular basis, without the need of a reinstallation. This means we are able to push out updates and bug fixes which will be installed automatically without interference from the user or the IT department. This is the way 2c8 Lite functions.


Even more user friendly interface – our most important topic

The entire application has been given a facelift. The appearance of the icons together with larger font size and clearer boundaries has made a big visual difference. The new interface allows more space for models and improves clarity of important functions when you need them.

Copy relations

When creating a custom relation you now have the option to copy it with all its settings included to create a new one. This is a small change which will save you a lot of time.

Filter a matrix on a current model

It is now possible to make a copy of a matrix. However, the big improvement is that matrices are now able to filter on current model. This means you can easily create for instance RACI-matrices per model.

Lists in two modes

A saved list can now be shown in two modes. When opening the list, the content is visible and you have to click the edit-icon to change assortment and columns in the list.

A better view of long lists

Long lists are now divided in the web publication which means you can browse between different pages to see the entire list. You can also see and print the entire list as a PDF. Just click the PDF symbol in the top right corner.

Publish in the background

You no longer have to wait for the publication to finish. It is now possible to continue the publication in the background and keep on modeling. The publication is shown in the status frame down in the right corner of the dialogue. Better yet the publication is faster, and it takes less time to open the profile. Publishing a model is now also a privilege, which means your organization can get more control over who is allowed to publish.

Publication for mobile devices

Together with the development of 5.0 we have also improved the responsive publication profile.

Some of the news are:

  • Workflow information is visible
  • Lists function better on mobile devices
  • Lists can be filtered per model

Duplicate management of document links

Version 5.0 warns you when you try to create a document link that already exists. If you already have duplicates of document links you can find them and merge them through the browser. Another function available in 2c8 Modeling Tool is the document icon which is based on the type of file it is linked to. If you link to a PDF the program will visualize it with a suitable icon.

A cleanup of the browser

The popular browser which allows the user an overview of models, objects, document links and lots more is now cleaner with a simpler appearance:

  • Copy filtered content to list
  • Workflow list loads in the browser
  • The trash can loads in the browser

Additionally it is now possible to change the model type on multiple models in one action, and change the object type on multiple objects in one action.

Better management of layers

It is now possible to move all objects in every model by changing settings for layers. This means you apply your own rule for a layer and then sort and structure the objects in layers afterwards. Another advantage is that a hidden layer automatically lights up if you place an object which belongs to the hidden layer.

Snap – A new function making modelling even easier

With the help of snap lines, you can now add objects and automatically place them in a straight line from the start. You also have to ”yank” the objects to move them, which lessens the risk of unintentionally moving an object.

When placing an object on the predetermined distance from another object, a relation will automatically be created between these objects.

Easier to handle labels on objects

  • Distinct difference between marking of objects and labels
  • The label has fixed places that it attaches to
  • A label expands downwards when resizing it, to prevent text appearing over the object

All the new functionality for modelling works the same way in 2c8 Lite.

2c8 Lite

  • New lighter interface
  • Manage breakdowns in a smart way
  • Workflow can take several steps, if appropriate
  • Reviewer and approver can see earlier versions

New symbol for individual objects

We are introducing a new gender neutral symbol for the individual object.

To change your old individual objects:

  1. set your preferred version of the object in the repository configuration in Admin Tool
  2. go to the browser in the repository and select all the objects of the individual type you want to change
  3. right click and change the object type to the new individual object

Removed plug-in eValue8

The plug-in “eValue8” is no longer available.