Support for version 5.3 is ending - 2c8

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On the 1st of May, we end the support for version 5.3 of 2c8 Apps. This means we no longer fix bugs or issues in that version. Therefore, we highly recommend upgrading to version 5.4 of 2c8 Apps for continuous support.

Usually, we end the support for previous versions six months after the latest version is released, but we extended the support period with the release of version 5.4 since we had a limited amount of slots in our booking calendar available. 

You can read more about the latest version of 2c8 Apps by clicking here

Do you have a server and require an upgrade?

Book your server upgrade in our calendar

Do you not have a server and require an upgrade?

Contact and state which person within your organization should be your portal administrator (responsible for licenses, users, products, and more). Our support will activate your 2c8 Portal and upgrade you to the latest version. You also need to download and install the new software version available here

Do you have questions regarding an upgrade?

Contact, and we’ll help you.