2c8 Lite 5.1 - 2c8

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2c8 Lite version 5.1 is out now. Please schedule a server upgrade to start using version 5.1 of 2c8 Lite.


You can add subscribers to models that will receive a notification when a new approved version of the model is published (applies to ftp-publishing). Add subscribers to a model by right clicking and choose “Subscribers” in the menu.

This dialog opens and you can choose who should subscribe to the model. You can also add a completely new subscriber if the one you want to add doesn’t exist in the list.

When clicking the button to show version history of the model, you can view who has received a notification for a certain version of the model.

In the list you can see who has received the notification, if they have seen it and if and when they clicked the link to look at the new version of the model.

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