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There are numerous opportunities to partner with 2c8. Since the beginning 2c8 has collaborated with partners to develop and sell 2c8 Apps. 2c8 offers two types of partnerships: solution partners and integration partners.

Solution Partner

Our solution partners use 2c8 Apps to add value to the services they sell and include management consulting companies, ERP consultancies, enterprise software companies and many others. 2c8 Apps offers partners the opportunity to add value to their own clients through the visualization of their organization, operations, processes, relations etc. Many our partners’ clients opt to purchase additional licenses and training from 2c8.

Integration Partner

Integration partners are other software companies that offer products and solutions supplementing 2c8 Apps. Our current integration partners make 2c8 Apps a more versatile tool and value to our customers or use 2c8 Apps in their own integration to add value to their clients.

Become a partner

Do you have a product or service that would work well with 2c8 and think that a partnership could add value for your clients or ours, we like to hear from you!

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