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Lean - increase productivity and value in your business

So, what is Lean production? Lean is a type of ideology based on methods, tools, and values. It’s all about maximizing the delivery of customer value and minimizing the waste of resources within the business. The main purpose is basically to implement processes that streamline the organization and eliminates the factors that aren’t delivering a final value to the customer. This is done to trim down high costs and simplify cumbersome processes.


What do you need to think about?

There are no concrete methods or magical approaches to succeed with Lean in the business. However, we have gathered some general tips to ease the work:

  1. Establish the Lean-work within the business

    By mapping the processes in workshops, the processes will be representative of both the current and desired state. Invite your colleagues, encourage discussions and let different voices be heard. This joint approach will also ease the changes to take force because everyone is apart of it.

  2. Involve the top management

    In order to ease the implementation of Lean, the top management needs to be aware of the need for a change and also the benefits it will bring. The changes can involve everything from culture, management structure or behaviors and will most likely affect the top management.

  3. Communicate the change

    Communicating the change within the organization is the key to success. To reduce the resistance it is important to let everyone know why the change is taking place, what the result will be and what it will mean. Make sure the work is transparent and clearly communicated.

  4. The right tool for the purpose

    Last but definitely not least, it is of major importance to have tools that are easy to use in workshops, but also helps us structure and carry out analyses, implement the changes and ease the communication. Make sure you are using the right kind of tools in order to facilitate working with Lean.


Where do you start? Map your processes

In order to change ingrained working methods in the organization, you first need to look at the main processes, the core processes or the customer processes. How are we doing it today? It’s all about getting a clear and representative picture of the current situation in order to continue forward. By mapping the business processes we create a clear starting point.

Identify the bottlenecks

After mapping the processes, we need to identify problems, risks, and opportunities existing in the processes today. By questioning the working methods and routines we have, we can find more effective solutions.
  • What final value is this element delivering to the customerlean?
  • How can we shorten the lead time here?
  • Are there better ways of handling this part of the process?
Working with these kinds of questions facilitates dialogue and brings more perspectives to the table, which becomes a valuable part of optimizing the processes. Including more people, their thoughts and ideas creates a more representative picture of the business processes and how they can be improved.

Optimize your processes with Lean

When all the problems, risks and opportunities are identified it’s all about actualizing and eliminating. Seize the opportunities to improve the process and eliminate the existing bottlenecks. The result will be a process that you mutually created by highlighting improvements and priorities – an optimized process.
production process

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