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What's next for 2c8 Apps?

2c8 Apps faces an exciting journey towards modernizing our products and making them fully web-based. The path to this is built on various projects and initiatives that will gradually be released to customers and together create the world’s easiest modeling tool.

In this blog post, you can read about the plan going forward, which is subject to change.


AD synchronization

In larger organizations, AD (Active Directory) is often used to manage tasks, accesses, and accounts for employees.

With AD synchronization, you will be able to synchronize selected parts of your user directory to the 2c8 Portal. This streamlines user management in the 2c8 Portal by automatically adding, deleting, or updating user data when changes are made to your AD – without the need for manual work.

Planned release: 2024

Single Sign-On

With Single Sign-On support in 2c8 Apps, you will be able to leverage your organization’s existing login solutions to log in to 2c8 Apps. In this way, you reduce the amount of manual logins and increase the security of the solution.

Planned release: 2024

2c8 Lite becomes 2c8 Modeling Tool

2c8 Lite will have the same design, layout and experience as 2c8 Modeling Tool – but with fewer features. This will not only help 2c8 Modeling Tool users understand the 2c8 Lite product (and vice versa) but also streamline development and bug fixes in the product.

Planned release: 2024


Open API's

Open APIs allow you to get more out of 2c8 Apps through seamless integrations with other systems. Planned release: 2025

2c8 Live

With 2c8 Live, we remove the manual process of publishing models and instead enable real-time publication updates. In this way, you can ensure that employees always have access to updated information and reduce the time you spend maintaining the infrastructure of your published material.

  • Users can focus on modeling instead of publishing.
  • Always updated material.
  • No individual dependency for publishing.
  • Make access control possible – share models available to everyone with a link.
  • No need for resources from IT to set up web servers, FTP servers and access.

Planned release: 2025

Better management of plugins

Customers using plugins often experience problems regarding who should install and distribute the plugin, which versions are needed, and if they are compatible with the system the plugin is created for.

The goal in future versions is to make the 2c8 server responsible for providing plugins to customers so that everyone (with the right access) automatically gets a version that is compatible with both the version of 2c8 Apps that the organization uses and the third-party system that the plugin connects to. The provision of plugins thus becomes a centralized task where users no longer need to know which plugins they need but receive the plugins chosen by an administrator for their system.

Planned release: 2025


More possibilities with lists and matrices

Beyond visualization, 2c8 Apps has many powerful features based on the data created when you place objects, draw relationships between them, or use fields. With lists, matrices, or custom relationships, you can get more out of your modeling, such as a matrix showing all roles with a key responsibility within the organization. Currently, only users of 2c8 Apps can create something using this functionality.

The project aims to make this functionality available to a wider group of people. Imagine that someone asks for a list of all systems that process personal data within the organization. In the future, this person can create a list of these without asking a user of the 2c8 Modeling Tool, based on what is already created in 2c8 Apps.

Planned release: 2026

Central settings and configurations

In future versions, you can manage all settings and configurations in one place. This could be description types, publishing profiles, user settings, application configurations, or branding with color profiles. Thus, You can keep all settings and configurations in one place for centralized administration. Moving these tasks away from the modeling area also provides a better user experience where the focus can be on modeling the business.

  • Simplify the 2c8 Modeling Tool for non-administrators.
  • Only assigned administrators can now update metadata.
  • More accessible for non-modeling administrators.
  • A more structured way to manage all types of profiles. There is only one source for the profiles, and you, as a customer, manage them directly. No more local files in different locations.
  • No requirement to purchase the 2c8 Modeling Tool for non-modelers within the organization. For example, the marketing department that manages your graphic profile can set up a color profile for your models.

Planned release: 2026

2c8 Cloud

With 2c8 Cloud, you no longer need to install a client on your computer; instead, model directly in your browser. Modern, intuitive, easy to upgrade, and no need for IT to install. 2c8 Cloud will simplify everything about your business modeling!

Planned release: 2026

Do you want to influence the future of 2c8 Apps?

In future projects, we are looking for customers to participate in focus groups for each individual project. Are you interested in joining a focus group for any of the above projects, or do you want to know more about what it entails? Contact info@2c8.com.