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Download 2c8 Modeling Tool

Download 2c8 Modeling Tool

If you have a 2c8 licence key, make sure to download suitable version of 2c8 Modeling Tool. 

If you don’t have a 2c8 licence you can get a free 30-day trial license or purchase licences before downloading the software.

2c8 Modeling Tool for Windows 7/8/10

Download, run the MSI package and follow instructions for installation. Read about new updates.

2c8 Modeling Tool, the latest version with automatic updates for 64-bit Windows

2c8 Modeling Tool version 5.0.12 for 64-bit Windows

2c8 Modeling Tool version 4.5.12 for 64-bit Windows

2c8 Modeling Tool version 4.5.12 for 32-bit Windows

2c8 Modeling Tool for MAC OS X 10.6 and later

Download the archive and copy the program files to your application folder.

2c8 Modeling Tool version 5.0.12 for Mac OS X

2c8 Modeling Tool version 4.5.12 for Mac OS X

2c8 Lite

Access 2c8 Lite by purchasing single licences or a 2c8 Apps bundle including 2c8 Lite. Book an online demo to learn more about the difference between 2c8 Modeling Tool and 2c8 Lite and how to optimize the usage for your organization. Find out what is new in the latest release of 2c8 Lite here.

2c8 Server Functionality

2c8 Server Functionality is required to allow 2c8 users to collaborate on models and is included when purchasing licenses for 2c8 Apps. The server allows multiple users to access the same repository.

The server functionality is compatible with Windows or Linux and store information in Microsoft SQL or MySQL DBMS. Contact us to learn more about 2c8 Server Functionality and information on how to install it.

When upgrading the 2c8 Modeling Tool, the server functionality must be upgraded to the latest version too. We can help with your server upgrade.

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