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Purchase 2c8 management system bundle

Purchase 2c8 Management System bundle

A visual management system is an important tool in the development of your business and organization. The 2c8 Management System Bundle includes both 2c8 Modeling Tool and 2c8 Lite licenses, introductory training on how to create models, as well as support with setting up a well-functiong system. You also receive guidance in how to manage your new management system and suggestions on how to further visualize your organization or business with models.

The 2c8 Management System bundle includes


2c8 Modeling Tool (2 licences)

2c8 Lite (3 licences)

2c8 Serverfunctionality (includes support, maintenance and updates)


Introduction to 2c8 Modeling Tool (online session, 2.5 hours)

Introduction to 2c8 Lite (2 online sessions, 2.5 hours each)

Mapping interested parties and relationships (online session, 3 hours)

Mapping main process flows and define workflow for process structure (online session, 3 hours)

Mapping organization including positions and roles (online session, 3 hours)

Consultant support and templates

Support from our knowledgeable 2c8 consultants (3 hours, use at least one hour per booking)

Templates for main processes, organization model, meeting structure, and interested party model.

Continuous support and maintenance per year (from year 2)

What happens when you have placed your order?

When your order has been placed, you recieve the files to install 2c8 Apps within a few days. Install the software and you are ready to start modeling. You will be contacted by one of our 2c8 modeling consultants and together you will set up a plan for your training based on the needs of your organization.

Our clients generally take three to four weeks from placing the order and go through training to implementing the new management system.

What happens in intorductory training?

The introductory 2c8 training modules are held online. Together with your 2c8 consultant you decide when your organization is ready to complete training. The module teaches the basics of creating and managing models in 2c8 Modeling Tool and 2c8 Lite respectively.

What happens in management system training?

Upon completing your introductory training you will feel comfortable creating and managing models in 2c8 Apps. The management system module includes three sessions. The starting point is your organization and together with our consultants you will creat a customized management system.

What happens next?

Your organization is now up and running using your 2c8 management system. The work progresses with edits and updates. Management systems are dynamic and are continuously improved to be more efficient. If you require support or have questions our consultants are on hand to guide you.