EY and 2c8 announce partnership - 2c8

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EY partners with 2c8 to provide consultants with improved methods and tools to map processes and workflows. Together, EY and 2c8 are able to offer a potent and powerful workflow to lead business development, visualize organizational structures and model business processes.

Lisa Hallin, Associate Partner at EY Sweden, says EY enters the partnership with high expectations: “EY and 2c8 have already collaborated on numerous projects for different clients in the past. These projects have all been very successful, resulting in clients improving business practices including business planning, reporting and tracking. The projects have also generated more transparent accountability structures and procedures. In our work to assist clients with their digital transition, mapping and document work in 2c8 apps have proven a particularly significant advantage” she says.

Johan Funnemark of EY Business Services agrees: “We enter this collaboration with high expectations. The 2c8 management system and method suit us and our clients very well.”

The confidence in the partnership is echoed by CEO and founder of 2c8, Jan E Larsson. “We find the partnership with EY inspiring” he says. “This collaboration supports our strategy to extend areas in which clients employ 2c8 apps. EY and their consultants have great expertise and experience in business management and development, providing valuable insights and feedback to 2c8.”

For more information on the collaboration between EY and 2c8, contact:

Lisa Hallin, +46 70 3830120, anne-louise.hallin@se.ey.com
Johan Funnemark, +46 70 5393938, johan.funnemark@se.ey.com
JanE Larsson, +46 70 7875025, jane@2c8.com