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Tools for process mapping

Tools for process mapping

2c8 Apps is a digital mapping and modeling tool, allowing you to illustrate processes and organizational structures within your organization. Complex systems and networks are easily visualized in different models and layers. It makes possible to get a general overview or study the details of a specific model. It is easy to add links to documents and external systems in the models. By sharing information and knowledge, 2c8 Apps contributes to increased transparency, consensus and more efficient workflows and processes. 2c8 Apps is proud to the most user-friendly mapping and modeling tool on the market.

Who is 2c8 Apps designed for?

2c8 Apps works with all types of businesses in all sizes.

2c8 Apps is currently used by businesses and organizations of different sizes in both the public and private sector, and across industries. The flexibility and scalability of 2c8 Apps makes it possible to adapt to varying requirements. 2c8 Apps include 2c8 Modeling Tool, which is the tool you need to get started with modeling. If you have a growing number of users some people may be editors or managers, rather than creators, of a model. For users who require more limited use, we offer 2c8 Lite as an addition to 2c8 Modeling Tool.

If you are curious to find out how our clients are applying 2c8 Apps read more here.

View your organization from multiple perspectives

View the organization from all perspectives with reusable objects and different types of models.

What gives 2c8 Apps an advantage over similar products on the market are the multiple layers and perspectives the tool allows you to illustrate while also managing connections.  Different types of models are created to visualize different structures and processes in the organization. Objects,  like positions, roles and activities, present in multiple models will be reused and consequently link different models together. It results in a network of maps and models which together allow you to view your organization from a range of perspectives.

2c8 Method

To succeed in mapping and developing your business you need a method. Read more about the 2c8 Method, a mindset supported by 2c8 Apps.

In order to succeed in mapping your business, you need more than a system as support, and there are many different methods and approaches to business mapping. The 2c8 Method is built upon years of experience in business mapping and knowledge gathered from our customers. Within 2c8 Apps, there is a built-in method-support that contributes to development and understanding, both for the ones mapping the business and for those viewing the finished material.

Types of models in 2c8 Apps

To describe the complex reality that is the organization you need several perspectives and therefore different types of models. The most useful types of models used in 2c8 Modeling Tool is presented below.

Sharing maps and models created in 2c8 Apps

Easily share the material you have created with the rest of the organization through web or pdf and word.

2c8 Apps makes it easy to publish and share created maps and models. Illustrations can be published online, to websites, sharepoints etc. The published models are interactive. Users can easily click through the models, attached documents and descriptions. A 2c8 license is not required to read published 2c8 models and maps.

Models created in 2c8 Apps can also be published as reports. The information and content presented can be customized depending on the target audience. For instance, reports can focus on identified problems and risks in a certain part of the organization. It is also possible to share models as high resolution images.


Collaborate on the same or connected models together with other users in the organization.

With 2c8 Apps it is easy to cocreate and collaborate on models. Users from different teams or parts of the organization can work on the same models with 2c8 server functionality. A server furthermore allows you to store created maps and models. Access to current and past models can easily be monitored and different level of access can be assigned to different users.

Shared responsibility with 2c8 Lite

Involve the right people and increase the engagement in the organization with 2c8 Lite. See a comparison between 2c8 Modeling Tool and 2c8 Lite.

How models are created and managed tend to depend on the number of users an organization has. Larger organization often have a number 2c8 Modeling Tool users who are the primary creators of models, but they need more people to be involved in managing, editing or reviewing the models. We offer 2c8 Lite as a complementary product to 2c8 Modeling Tool for those types of users. 2c8 Lite is a simplified version of 2c8 Modeling Tool, making it very easy to use. Combining 2c8 Modeling Tool and 2c8 Lite facilitates collaboration as well as assigning and sharing responsibilities within an organization.

Approving models and revision management

Split the responsibility of approving and maintaining the models. Manage revisions to keep track of approved versions and keep older versions for reference.

As new models are created and old ones are updated it is necessary to have someone in charge of approving models before they are shared within the organization. The individual responsible for creating or even edit a model, are not necessarily the same person who is accountable for the published model. To facilitate this process, 2c8 has developed the 2c8 Workflow. The Workflow function will automatically keep track of who is permitted to make changes and updates, and who is responsible for approving them. It means updates and edits to an existing model can be made without being published until they have been approved by a manager. 2c8 Apps also manages different versions of created maps and models. Old maps and models will be kept for reference and can be retrieved if necessary.


Quick draw

Use automatically suggested symbols to create models in a quick and easy way.

Online publication

Publish directly on the web to spread models in a nice and easy way.

Object orientation

Since you reuse the same object, you can make changes in several models from one place.

Adapt rules and regulations

You can create your own rules and regulations to determine which object and model types are allowed.

Multi-user support

More than one person can work with the same model.

Graphic profile

Change the look of your models with graphic profiles.

Layer management

Model the information in layers which you can hide or display.


Add subscribers from your whole organization that will be notified when a model is updated.


Create lists with objects, models and documents from your repository.


Create matrices to show relations between objects and models.

Revision management

Total control over revised models and objects.

Responsibility description

Use a more detailed responsibility description via RACI.

Method support

The tool has integrated method support which you can easily adjust to suit your needs.

Multi-language support

Titles and texts in the models can be managed in several different languages.

Adapting interface

You can choose which features should be available in the tool.

Swedish or English

Select Swedish or English as the application language.