2c8 Modeling Tool 5.3.50 - 2c8

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Interested in what is new 2c8 Lite and what was new in an earlier version? Find all release notes here.

New in version 5.3.50

  • Improvement: Possible to change sort order of lists in the published material based on columns.

Version 5.3.49

  • Correction: Workflowinformation blev centrerad i word-rapporter.
  • Correction: Large images in descriptions got cropped in share-reports.

Version 5.3.48

  • Correction: Images in documents written in 2c8 did not work when publishing to web.
  • Correction: Some objects inside frames were hidden when clicking the frame object in the published material.
  • Correction: Documents were not sorted correctly in the browser if the title contained numbers.
  • Correction: Icon was not set when when dragging and dropping documents in the left panel.
  • Improvement: Better error message when outlook does not open when clicking “Share”.
  • Improvement: New component for setting workflow roles.

Version 5.3.47

  • Correction: Some breakdowns were missing when publishing only approved models.

Version 5.3.44

  • Correction: Publishing crashed because of fields containing objects.

Version 5.3.43

  • Correction: Program was crashing on MacOS 12.

Version 5.3.41

  • Correction: Could not end repository names with “.”.
  • Correction: Missing space between prefix and model name in model tree.
  • Correction: Labels on relations were not hidden in the published material when hiding the layer that hides the relation.
  • Correction: Breadcrumbs and breakdown-icons were missing for some models in the published material.
  • Correction: Objects in hidden layers could be visible in the published material.
  • Correction: Could not publish with some languages.
  • Improvement: Show the full title on hover in the seach function in the published material.
  • Improvement: Clarify the phrasing of the information text that some options makes the publishing take longer.
  • Improvement: The model tree in the published material handles longer model names better.
  • Improvement: When opening published material on a mobile device the models are more zoomed out.
  • Improvement: Scrollbars in the published material has more contrast.

Version 5.3.40

  • Correction: Forcing releations in information models were not visible in the published material.
  • Correction: Checkboxes were not listening correctly in the component for exporting/publishing models.
  • Correction: Similar information was formatted differently in information panels in the published material.
  • Correction: Sorting based in prefix in releations and custom relations and the model tree were not correct.
  • Correction: When switching language in the published material the model tree and bread crumbs were not updated.
  • Improvement: The placement of the menu is adjusted based on the size of the logo.
  • Improvement: The date when the publishing was done is made more clear in the published material.
  • Improvement: We can increase the timeout time for customers that needs longer start-up times for the applications.

Version 5.3.39

  • Correction: Sometimes the browser tab was missing.
  • Correction: The character “<” was not visible in model names in the model tree.

Version 5.3.38

  • Correction: Could not change icon for fields.
  • Correction: In the old web profile labels on relations were not showing in the correct language when switching language in the published material, if the relation was placed in another layer than the background layer.
  • Correction: Could not maximize the window on Mac.

Version 5.3.37

  • Correction: Error when creating fields.
  • Correction: Document icon was changed when changing file extension even if you had picked a specific document icon.
  • Correction: Importing export files created in 2c8 Lite failed.

Version 5.3.36

  • Correction: Sometimes not possible to start Admin Tool.

Version 5.3.35

  • Correction: Sometimes not possible to start Admin Tool.

Version 5.3.34

  • Correction: The icons you could pick for documents were not the same in the browser as when editing a single document.

Version 5.3.33

  • Correction: Relations and objects could jump around when moving an object in a model.

Version 5.3.32

  • Correction: Publishing stopped working properly after removing Log4j.

Version 5.3.31

  • Correction: Maximizing the program did not work as supposed on high resolution screens.
  • Correction: Undoing “center labels” caused the labels to be stacked on top of each other.
  • Correction: Some icons for lists did not look as supposed to on high resolution screens.
  • Correction: The breakdown-popup in the published material was opened in the wrong position.
  • Correction: Could not publish because of empty matrices.
  • Improvement: Log4j is completely removed.
  • Improvement: Users now get an error message instead of an exception report when multiple users edit the same model.
  • Improvement: The breakdown-popup is made wider to fit longer model names.
  • Improvement: The title of the breakdown-popup now says “Breaks down to”.

Version 5.3.30

  • Correction: Version history showed the model with shadows.
  • Correction: The text “No information to show” was sometimes showing in the published material when it was not supposed to.
  • Correction: Custom relations were not sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Correction: “Used in” was displaying the cirrent model when clicking an object in the published material.
  • Correction: “Breaks down to” was displaying the cirrent model when clicking an object in the published material.
  • Correction: The model image “jumped” sometimes when clicking different objects in the published material.
  • Correction: Documents that were opened in a panel never stopped loading in the published material.

Version 5.3.29

  • Improvement: Better security for passwords when using periodic publication.

Version 5.3.26

  • Correction: Objects with a field pointing to itself caused the publishing to hang.

Version 5.3.25

  • Correction: Searching for documents from the properties dialog did not work.
  • Correction: The text editor for descriptions made the text unreadable when scrolling for a few users.
  • Correction: Periodic publication with the old publishing profile stopped working for a customer.
  • Correction: Reverting to an earlier version of a model stopped working.
  • Correction: Large matrices did not work in the web profile.
  • Correction: Filtering on active model did not work for matrices in the web profile.
  • Correction: Names of objects, documents and such that covered multiple rows got centered.
  • Correction: Sometimes models opened up without a information panel even though it should be showing.
  • Correction: Could not click objects on Android devices in the published material.
  • Correction: Could not set start model that had an empty field for web id in the database.
  • Correction: Error message when saving the web profile.
  • Correction: It was possible to click object that were in hidden layers.
  • Improvement: Objects that have images placed on them now get a pointer-mouse when hovering them in the published material.
  • Improvement: The model tree can now be added for objects.
  • Improvement: New icons for lists.

Version 5.3.24

  • Correction: The content of the tabs when editing a color profile did not follow properly when switching object type.
  • Correction: Large images in descriptions were not adjusted to fit the page when publishing to Word.
  • Correction: Sometimes the web profile crashed when generating PDFs for lists.
  • Correction: The manual for information modeling was not working.
  • Correction: Did not work to set “Web template” in Admin Tool.
  • Improvement: Overlay on dialogs that opens another dialog on top.
  • Improvement: Performance enhancement for showing version history.

Version 5.3.23

  • Correction: The pop-up-dialog for creating new versions of models when editing an object that occurs in approved models was to wide.
  • Correction: The dialog to picking models to validate was not high enough and got an unnecessary scrollbar.
  • Correction: Users could not open the properties dialog for a object because of duplicate documents from Sharepoint.
  • Correction: Centuri plugin did not work with SSO.
  • Correction: Error when using a web profile that contained lists that were not available in the repository.
  • Correction: In the web profile, using layout filters caused the model area settings to not work.
  • Correction: Models with ID for web did not work in menu or search in the web profile.
  • Correction: Web profile editor crashed when closing it before finished loading.
  • Correction: Lists and matrices did not respect only publishing approved versions of models.
  • Correction: Search did not work with prefixes.
  • Correction: Disabling prefix in the web profile resulted in them still showing.
  • Correction: In the web profile custom layout filters did not respect approved versions.
  • Correction: Clicking OK too fast when selecing models to publish would cause a crash.
  • Correction: The settings-panel in the web profile was hidden when resizing the window.
  • Correction: When generating excel reports illegal characters made the publishing crash.
  • Correction: Could not add “latest changes” to the menu.
  • Correction: Custom relations could not be added in the web profile.
  • Correction: Loading never stopped when opening the web profile in a empty repository.
  • Correction: Adding models/objects in the menu in the web profile did not work when using approved models.
  • Correction: When creating the web profile in a repository that is empty and later setting a startmodel the startmodel was forgotten.
  • Correction: Adding a filter in the web profile for process models was matching all models.
  • Correction: Could not import web profile, error “No service was found that can import this profile”.
  • Correction: Custom filters in the menu of the web profile did not work.
  • Correction: Changing ID for web after adding a model/object to the menu in the web profile did not work.
  • Improvement: Performance improvement by not copying documents that have the setting “Copy on publish” when editing the profile.
  • Improvement: Performance improvement by not loading all documents in the preview.
  • Improvement: In the web profile the information panels are blocked when loading to start edit them.
  • Improvement: No longer showing custom relations in the preview of the web profile for performance improvements.
  • Improvement: Performance improvement by only loading selected models when editing the web profile.
  • Improvement: In the published material the full names of menu options are shown on hover if they do not fit in drop down menus.
  • Improvement: When loading the web profile editor a loading placeholder image is shown.
  • Improvement: The folder pdfjs is made smaller when publishing to improve performance.

Version 5.3.21

  • Improvement: Selected model in the browser is no longer cleared when setting a worklow-role.

Version 5.3.18

  • Correction: The publishing froze when containing links from external sources, like Sharepoint.
  • Correction: Crashed when objects were used as “responsible for” on documents that were not included in the published material.

Version 5.3.17

  • Correction: Scrollbar was to high in the browser.
  • Improvement: Does not load lists in the preview of the web profile anymore to improve performance.

Version 5.3.16

  • Correction: Models are scaled wrong when creating a report had hidden layers in the profile.
  • Correction: When searching in the browser and removed an object from the result you were automatically scrolled back to the first object.
  • Correction: The icon for documents where no longer set by the file format of the document.
  • Correction: Pop-up-dialogs got stuck on the screen on Mac.
  • Correction: Error “duplicate key”.
  • Correction: Information added to the new web profile got the language based on application language, not based on what language you are editing in the profile.
  • Correction: Start model in the new web profile was forgotten when the model got a new version.
  • Correction: Did not work to change font in the new web profile.
  • Correction: Did not work to import a web profile with languages that were not added to the repository.
  • Improvement: Now there is example models in the trial license.
  • Improvement: Margin between active tab and the top of the dialog.
  • Improvement: New documents are visible right away when adding docuements and there is no need to press refresh anymore.

Version 5.3.15

  • Correction: Could not publish if objects that are included in a own created relation was not included in the filter of the new web profile.

Version 5.3.13

  • Correction: Did not work to publish with the old web profile if documents had a “Responsible for” that was not included in the published material.
  • Correction: Error when publishing with new web profile and had the Stratsys-plugin installed.
  • Correction: New web profile loaded for a really long time when using the Centuri-plugin.
  • Correction: You could not change icon for breakdowns and information in the new web profile.
  • Correction: Sometimes the breakdown-icon was not visible.
  • Improvement: Users with the privilege to edit languages can now edit languages without having the privilege to “throw out users from the server” if there are multiple users logged into the server.
  • Improvement: Better quality of images in the new web profile. 

Version 5.3.12

  • Correction: There were no horizontal scrollbar for matrices on Mac in the published material.
  • Correction: HTML-tags were visible in some lists in the published material.
  • Correction: Could not show breadcrumbs if model tree was not added in the web profile.
  • Improvement: Setting to hide prefix in the published material.
  • Improvement: Ctrl+D now opens the properties dialog in both the browser and the model tree.
  • Improvement: Delete works in the entire program where you can delete something.

Version 5.3.11

  • Correction: Splash screen was too big on high resolution screens.
  • Correction: Could not scroll Sharepoint filters.
  • Correction: Text objects was invisible in the published material if excluding descriptions for objects in the web profile.
  • Correction: Breakdowns was not working in the preview of the web profile.

Version 5.3.10

  • Correction: If you had changed color of the relation arrows the color was not copied when copying multiple objects and their relations.
  • Correction: Error when filtering on “no maintainer” in the browser.
  • Correction: Custom filtering to show separate information in the web profile was not showing up when editing the filter.
  • Correction: Breakdown and information icons were hidden behind images when adding an image to an object.
  • Correction: No result when filtering on unused document links in the browser.
  • Correction: Document lists filtered on current model in the web profile did not work. 
  • Correction: Did not work to add a document in the menu of the web profile that was not connected to a model or object.
  • Correction: In the published material the result of the relation “flow from” was shown under the relation “flow to”.
  • Correction: Wrong layers could be shown in the web profile.
  • Correction: When showing workflow information in a Swedish web profile, some information was not translated to Swedish.
  • Improvement: Show the icon of the layer infront of the layer name when right clicking an object and moving it to another layer.
  • Improvement: Link to our e-learning platform from the application.
  • Improvement: Improved error message when trying to connect to a server of the wrong version.

Version 5.3.9

  • Correction: Word reports got the wrong font.
  • Correction: Information models got stuck when validation because of changed size of object.
  • Correction: Documents with Swedish characters were not sorted correctly in the browser.
  • Correction: When copying and pasting swimlane objects the text color changed if you had made it white.
  • Correction: Link to trial license in activation dialog was wrong.
  • Correction: Dialog to change relation type was shown in the wrong position when the model was zoomed in.
  • Correction: Program sometimes crashed when connecting a document to an object through the properties dialog.
  • Correction: Program sometimes crashed if approving a model too soon after it was sent for approval.
  • Correction: Could not right-click and paste url when creating document link.
  • Correction: When creating a repository from a template, it was always showing to include 0 models.
  • Correction: In program release notes did not work for Mac.
  • Correction: Report profiles was published with just the start model.
  • Correction: “New web profile”-popup froze on Mac.
  • Correction: Inconsistent mouse pointer when hovering clickable elements.
  • Correction: Inconsistent icon to search in a repository.
  • Improvement: Clearer title when picking an icon to represent a relation in a matrix.
  • Improvement: Better icon for opening a repository.
  • Improvement: Standard logo in report profile is now of better quality. 

Version 5.3.7

  • Correction: Error when using the report profile.

Version 5.3.5

  • Correction: Documents created in version 5.3 was not copied when publishing with the old web profile.

Version 5.3.4

  • Correction: Swimlane objects placed inside each other got strange relationships.
  • Correction: For users of the Sharepoint plugin it did sometimes not work to attach Sharepoint documents through the properties dialog.
  • Correction: Did not work to search on both first and last name when adding maintainer/reviewer/approver/subscribers.
  • Correction: Lists filtered on relations could cause new lists to be created automatically.
  • Correction: Could not open the image picker on Mac.

Version 5.3.3

  • Correction: Transparency option in the color picker did not work and is removed.
  • Correction: The program got bigger than the screen and could not be closed.

Version 5.3.2

  • Correction: Publishing via FTPS to IIS did not work.

Version 5.3.1

  • Correction: Removed the option to opt out of finding new updates (that does not work anymore).
  • Correction: The document panel was sometimes empty when opening a repository.
  • Improvement: Updated chapters in the manual.

Version 5.3