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Web hosting

Web hosting

Access and storage

2c8 offers hosting to both publish and give access to your models via the web. All websites contains encrypted communication to ensure the communication between web browser and server. This applies to both publishing and reading of the website. When ordering, the customer will receive an account to upload files to the website and if nothing else is agreed also an account for reading the published models. These two accounts are separate.

The website is adapted to be used for published material using 2c8 Modeling Tool and has no support to execute other active code on the server. The storage per website is limited to 500MB.

Prerequisites for delivery

In order to do the basic configurations for the website we need the following information from you:

  • What level of security is needed for the web site.
  • Desired name of the websites root map (for example https://h069.2c8.com/processes/)
  • A designated person of contact at your company and also contact information. This person will be contacted from 2c8 for any questions or planned maintenance.

Included in the hosting service is the basic operation needed to ensure accessibility on the webserver platform. The customers themselves administrate the files which will be reached via the server in the same way as if it was an internal environment at the customer.


2c8 offers three different levels of security for web hosting. Regardless of the security levels, all inbound and outbound traffic from our servers for web hosting are encrypted (HTTPS SSL/TLS).

  • Level 1: The published material is completely open, i.e no credentials are needed for access.
  • Level 2: To access the published material, a username and password is needed regardless of the number of people given access.
  • Level 3: Access without credentials but only from registered constant IP-addresses.

You can also combine level 2 and 3 in one of the following ways:

  1. People with registered IP-addresses must also enter a username and password. 
  2. People with registered IP-addresses access directly but people from other IP-addresses must enter a username and password. 


If nothing else is agreed the service is guaranteed accessibility of 99,6% weekdays between 9.00 am to 4.00 pm (CET). Planned stoppages for maintenance are not included in the availability time. Accessibility includes the server which is used to log in to 2c8 Modeling Tool, stoppages due to communication problems in the environment of the customer is not included in the availability time.


Backups of data for the website occur every 24 hours and these backups will be saved 30 days forward. If the customer wishes a readback of a backup to return older data/models our support can be contacted. Operating expense is charged for a readback of backups.

Planned maintenance of servers are preferably executed on Mondays and are notified a week in advance.


Support for servers hosted by 2c8 is available weekdays from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm if nothing else is agreed.