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Why the management system is more important than ever

The reasons for having a management system may differ. Perhaps it’s because of demands from external parts, or perhaps it was created to first and foremost support the coworkers. Regardless of the reason for your management system, times like these make it upmost important for organizational members to find information about the business online.  The last couple of months has been trying on us all, both privately and professionally. When the circumstances are changing you are forced to do things in a different way, which sometimes means great readjustments.

Working from home

When more of the organizational staff are working from home, the demand for easy access to information increases. The daily information sharing in the corridors and lunch-rooms has disappeared, but the information still needs to reach everyone. Jobba hemifrånTo gather all the information with belonging documents and links in one place is a good way to share information with a larger crowd. This gives the recipient an opportunity to find information when they need it and where they need it.

Changed processes and working methods

The routines and tasks we’ve always followed and performed in the same way may today look a lot different. Safety – and hygiene measures may be more extensive and perhaps you need to perform tasks you’ve never dealt with before. Communicating these changes to all employees, even the ones “out in the field”, can sometimes be challenging. With a visual management system, you can easily make the information available, where the employees will get a clear image of how the processes and activities have changed. By constantly updating the management system with relevant information, the staff feels safe in performing their work tasks, even though things have changed.

Re-arranging resources

In times like these, it’s important to cherish the resources you have and make sure they are available where we need them the most. When key-figures within an organization are absent, replacements need to be available. Employees are shuffled around different departments and equipment needs to be available where it’s needed. By mapping the business and visualizing the processes, you get a clear view of the organization, which facilitates the reorganization of resources. Mapping the business will help you identify which processes are the most resource-intensive, which are the most vulnerable for staff loss, and from which parts of the organization you can gather resources if needed.
Having a management system and managing it in times of constant change is more important than ever. Let the management system be a place where employees can feel safe about their daily tasks and where you make sure that tasks are performed correctly, by the right kind of competence and with the right resources.