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Management system – view of your organization and performance with 2c8 Apps

Visualize your management system with 2c8 Apps

A business management system is a set of processes, policies, and procedures implemented to ensure that an organization achieves its objectives and targets. The objectives and targets can relate to operational activities (workflow efficiency, service quality, product standards), financial success (budget goals, improved operating profit, higher returns), environmental performance, legislative and regulatory compliance, ISO certification and much more. A successful management system mitigates uncertainty, optimizes resources and provides a clear view of an organization’s internal and external activities. Read more about what management system is here!

2c8 Apps as a management system

2c8 Apps is a business management system giving you a unique view of your organization, including people, processes and performance. The 2c8 management system tool allows you to visualize your business from different perspectives on multiple levels. You can illustrate connections and causalities between structure, processes, policies and individual positions. 

Imagine 2c8 Apps as a three dimensional whiteboard. The program makes it easy to dive into individual processes and analyze specific relationships. Furthermore it allows you to take a bird’s eye view of your enterprise to understand how the overall structure is affecting processes or what relationships may be the hampering accelerated growth. 2c8 Apps also allows you to link relevant documents and records to your models, creating a user-friendly way of finding information within an organization. Ultimately 2c8 Apps provides you with a business management system that makes it easy to navigate through processes, organizational structures, relationships with partners, potential risks, as well as retrieve necessary lists, matrices and documents.

Read more about process mapping here.

ISO Certification with 2c8 Apps

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) provides requirements and guidelines to ensure that processes, products, materials and services meet a certain quality and performance level. Find out more about regulatory compliance with 2c8 Apps here.
Many organizations have to comply with ISO regulations. Mapping processes makes it easier for organizations to visualize their daily operations and procedures to ensure ISO standards are met. Mapping also demonstrates to stakeholders and other interested parties how ISO regulations are implemented.

Examples of ISO standards:

  • Quality management systems – ISO 9001
  • Environmental management system – ISO 14001
  • Social responsibility – ISO 26000 
  • Medical devices – ISO 13485

Are you interested in learning more about ISO standards? Read more at the ISO website.

2c8 Workflow and management system

A successful business management system requires administration. 2c8 has developed a successful workflow to effectively use 2c8 Apps as a business management system.  

Release Management & Version Control

When several users are developing and mapping different areas of the same model, 2c8 Worflow will keep track of who is responsible for completing updates, approving them and publishing the final version. Therefore, changes can be made continuously in the models and version control will make it possible to retrieve past versions.

Decentralized Management

If your organization prefers decentralized management, it is possible to make a certain user “owner” of model. The owner is responsible for approving new versions. Other users can, however, be assigned responsibility for a specific process of a larger model. They nevertheless don’t have to take responsibility for the overall model. 

Examples of Business Management Systems in 2c8 Apps

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