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Get more people to travel environment friendly - with the help of 2c8 Apps

Get more people to travel environment friendly - with the help of 2c8 Apps

Keolis Sweden want to contribute to a doubling of public transport use in Stockholm, Gothenburg and other cities where they operate. This requires a common organization system which can provide quick and easy support to all of their 6,500 employees. With the help of 2c8 Modeling Tool from 2conciliate, Keolis Sweden has managed to develop such a support system.

A complex and large-scale organization

Keolis Sweden have 6,500 employees, most of whom are bus drivers, driving 1,800 buses roughly 75 million miles a year, making a total of 265 million journeys a year. To make this work around the clock, every day of the week, all year round, requires order in everything from HR to timetables. On top of this, the market is made even more complicated by different financing models and regulation systems.


Mattias Galante, Kvalitetschef Keolis

The development of an organization system for Keolis Sweden began in 2008 by mapping the “current situation” with the use of visualization. “It gave us a solid basis for more systematic improvement efforts”, says Mattias Galante.

Over a 100 workshops were held with a total of just over 250 employees, which proved useful and shed light on both deficiencies and possibilities to create more effective work methods. As an example, Mattias Galante mentions: “We hadn’t noticed that we used 47 different IT systems before – it gave us an incentive to look over our IT support.”

A modern, cool and attractive management system

As such, Keolis were facing a new challenge – introducing a more customer-oriented improvement culture in the company. With the help of 2c8 Modeling Tool, the organization system could be visualized and be made more accessible to everyone via the intranet – an accessible “modern, cool and attractive management system”.

Today, Keolis Sweden have ISO-certified quality management systems (ISO 9001:2008) and environmental management systems (ISO 14001:2004). “It proves that we have reliable systems that guarantee high customer satisfaction and provide a good support in our efforts to develop the most environmentally friendly urban transport in the world”, says Mattias Galante, who emphasizes that, in the end, it is all about having committed staff with an awareness of process-orientation.

Common overall view of the organization

“By visualizing our complex organization, we have managed to create a common overall view and a more customer-oriented improvement culture in the company”, Mattias Galante continues, giving an example:

Getting 150 buses out on the roads within a couple of hours every morning requires management systems and production plans with service status for the buses as well as work and driving schedules for the drivers. When a dozen buses kept running out of gas on Monday afternoons, we were able to locate the problem by looking at the production plan – there were no available staff to fill up on gas during the busy hours on Sunday evenings. Thanks to process mapping, questions were asked about how and when things took place, whereupon the missing connection between the bus logistics and the work schedule was discovered and improvements were made.

“2c8 Modeling Tool has helped us to visualize our processes. It helps our process managers and process owners to keep them up to date. It contributes to our improvement culture in the company. And that, in turn, contributes to us reaching our overall goal – to get more people to choose public and environmentally friendly transport”.