2c8 Modeling Tool 5.0.20 - 2c8

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New in version 5.0.20

  • Improvement: When publising centuri documents the documents now has an icon.
  • Correction: Publishing to the web including a lot of reports ran out of memory.
  • Correction: In the published material the title “Description” got a space below.
  • Correction: Lists with many columns where located outside of the browser window.

The version also includes changes made in earlier 5.0-versions.

Version 5.0.19

  • Correction: The description was not pasted when copying from a list/the browser.
  • Correction: Lists where sorted by removed field values.
  • Correction: The order of the columns in a list was changed when adding a new column to a list.
  • Correction: Some lists where empty after the 5.0-upgrade.

Version 5.0.18

  • Correction: Error when loading models containing locked (approved) objects.

Version 5.0.17

  • Correction: Swedish characters and other special signs can now be used in prefixes.

Version 5.0.15

  • Correction: Import created duplicates of object revisions.
  • Correction: The standard configuration for interested party model was missing business objects.
  • Correction: Could not scroll in the list of users in the browser.
  • Correction: The arrows in the scroll bar did not work properly.
  • Correction: No default host name for server.
  • Correction: Objects only referenced in fields were not included in the published material.
  • Correction: Text on button in the version history and to set primary key on entities were truncated.
  • Correction: Some objects were not visible in the published material.
  • Correction: Could not reach the OK-button in the color profile dialog with screen resolution 1366 x 768.
  • Correction: When modeling in a translated language, the suggested objects are shown in the standard language.
  • Correction: Using preview in the web profile saved the settings.
  • Correction: Error when trying to open “permission settings” from the “users and permission”-view through right click.
  • Correction: When linking a document through the description of an object or model the properties dialog became slow.
  • Correction: Relations were moving after approving a model.
  • Correction: When right clicking on an open tap and choosing “Close others”, all tabs closed but the active one even if you were clicking another tab.
  • Correction: “Snap” is now shut off when turning on “Grid”.
  • Correction: A list showed in the left panel of 2c8 Modeling Tool and then opened could not be edited.
  • Correction: Values in checklists was sometimes shown in the published material even if they were deleted.
  • Correction: Objects in fields that were deleted or not included in the web profile did sometimes show up in the published material.
  • Correction: You could not drag a rectangle with the mouse to select objects in an approved model.
  • Correction: Could not change name of a model when the filter is active in the left panel.
  • Correction: Error when adding a custom relation in a matrix and not choosing relation.
  • Correction: If adding a link in a description but no other text the description was not saved.
  • Correction: When changing the name of a list in the left panel the open tab with the tab was not updated.
  • Correction: The suggested objects did not update when changing the name of an object.
  • Correction: Error when opening the properties of an object, because of importing a language with the same UUID as a current language.
  • Correction: Error when reordering model tabs.
  • Correction: Error when rendering relations in BPMN models.

Version 5.0.14

  • Correction: Models was drawn out wrong in the published material.
  • Correction: Could not unlock empty model.
  • Correction: Could not create a new version of a model without unlocking objects.
  • Correction: Import failed when writing over information models.
  • Correction: Database update crashed because of SQL that MySQL does not understand.
  • Correction: The popup dialog did not show the accept and cancel buttons until hovering over them.
  • Correction: Filtered not allowed characters on user input.
  • Correction: Decorations for information on symbols got transparent.
  • Correction: Pop-up dialogs sometimes froze on Mac.
  • Correction: Breakdowns were not sorted by prefix in the published material.
  • Improvement: Show splash screen before Java is loaded.

Version 5.0.13

  • Correction: Failed to start messaging service.
  • Correction: The application sometimes froze when closing a repository.
  • Correction: Do not allow importing duplicates of webb-ID and prefix.
  • Correction: Prefix on documents with more than 20 characters made the application crash.
  • Correction: Could sometimes not create repositories.
  • Correction: Could sometimes not close the application after publishing.
  • Correction: Could not paste images in descriptions.
  • Correction: Images added in descriptions became blurry.
  • Correction: Documents shown through a relation was not always showing in the published material.
  • Correction: The text editor was skewed.
  • Improvement: Gather statistics on usage.

Version 5.0.12

  • Correction: Program was crashing after being inactive for a while
  • Correction: Problems with starting the program.
  • Improvement: DLL files are now digitally signed and moved from temp directory.

Version 5.0.11

  • Correction: Updated server manual.

Version 5.0.10

  • Correction: The table in the layer settings of the web profile cut off some text.
  • Correction: Icons for models did not show in the dashboard for Mac.
  • Correction: Relationship arrows had a distance to objects.
  • Correction: Removed document types cased problems when publishing.
  • Correction: Relationship arrows were placed wrong when moving multiple objects.
  • Correction: Quickdraw did not read 2c8 Admin Tool correctly.
  • Correction: New revision of a model placed old revisions of objects in the trash can.
  • Correction: Centuri 2 plugin lost server settings from time to time.

Version 5.0.9

  • Correction: The title on fields changed.
  • Correction: When copying a web profile and changing start model in the new version, the previous start model could not be excluded.
  • Correction: Took a long time to open publishing profiles.
  • Correction: Size of labels changed when editing properties for objects.
  • Correction: Problems with selecting horizontal relations.
  • Correction: Workflow status was not updated from time to time.
  • Correction: “Participates in” did not work in the context menu.
  • Correction: The application used too much memory and crashed.
  • Correction: Could not publish from commando prompt.
  • Correction: Fields of type checklist or dropdown saved keys incorrectly.
  • Improvement: Link to screen sharing from the help dialog in 2c8 Modeling Tool and 2c8 Lite.
  • Improvement: Improved logging in 2c8 Modeling Tool and 2c8 Lite.

Version 5.0.8

  • Correction: 2c8 Admin Tool saved repository configurations in the wrong folder.
  • Correction: Problems with starting 2c8 Admin Tool from the client.

Version 5.0.7

  • Correction: Took a long time to create a new version of a model.
  • Correction: Remove male individual symbol from standard configuration.
  • Improvement: Shorten time to load a model.
  • Improvement: Shorten time to start the application.

Version 5.0.6

  • Correction: Could not open the manual from 2c8 Lite.
  • Correction: The font used did not work for some users.
  • Correction: Lists did not always work with the relationship filter.

Version 5.0.5

  • Correction: Import of existing lists and models did not work.

Version 5.0.4

  • Correction: Symbols got skewed when publishing.
  • Correction: Labels did sometimes get cut off when a symbol was placed in a layer.
  • Correction: Problems with copy as image.
  • Correction: Application profiles did not always load correctly.
  • Correction: Removed users caused an error when importing.
  • Correction: The model tree did not show correctly on high dpi screens.
  • Correction: Matrices was sometimes drawn skewed.
  • Improvement: Do not generate PDF’s from lists per default because it causes the publishing to take a long time. Add an option for creating PDF’s.

Version 5.0.3

  • Correction: Documents could not be edited when permissions was not enabled.
  • Correction: Problems with aborting publishing.

Version 5.0.2

  • Correction: Problems with adding document links from 2c8 Lite.
  • Correction: Share a model did not open Outlook.
  • Correction: Models with a lot of overlapping relations was slow to publish.

Version 5.0.1

  • Correction: The manual did not work for some users.

Version 5.0