2c8 Modeling Tool 5.1.34 - 2c8

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Interested in what is new 2c8 Lite and what was new in an earlier version? Find all release notes here.

New in version 5.1.34

  • Correction: Could not sort based on fields containing objects in the browser and lists.
  • Correction: Descriptions could disappear when sharing models via pdf and in pdf-reports.
  • Correction: Sorting of fields containing relations was not in alphabetical order.
  • Improvement: The report profile is no longer asking if you want to save changes when closing it and you have not done any changes.

Version 5.1.33

  • Correction: The scrollbar for descriptions in the Properties Dialog now looks the same as all other scrollbars in the application.

Version 5.1.32

  • Correction: Old header was used for auto generated PDFs for lists.
  • Improvement: 3 state checkbox for top checkbox in tables.

Version 5.1.31

  • Improvement: Columns for entity definition and home model when listing entities or entity properties from information models.

Version 5.1.30

  • Correction: Plugins will now transfer from previously installed versions to new version when upgrading.
  • Correction: When a maintainer or approver was removed from repository sometimes an error was generated and it didn’t load Maintainer or Approver panel.
  • Improvement: Last “Next” button is now called “Import” in the importing wizard.
  • Improvement: Button for creating repository from an export file now says “Browse…” instead of “OK”

Version 5.1.29

  • Correction: Program sometimes froze when starting up and the bundlecache-folder needed to be removed.

Version 5.1.27

  • Correction: The program did sometimes not start on Mac.
  • Correction: The properties dialog sometimes asked users to save before closing the dialog even though no changes were made.
  • Förbättring: A warning message when exporting model as image to not write over files with the same name.

Version 5.1.26

  • Correction: When user is an approver and reviewer for the same model the model was listed twice in dashboard “Reviewed/Approved by me” window.
  • Correction: Information icon on objects with old Centuri data was showing in published material.
  • Correction: Fixed issue with duplicate properties for entities in information models
  • Improvement: Label is now hideable on frame objects.

Version 5.1.25

  • Correction: Link to Payara download in Server manual was not linking to the correct download page.
  • Correction: FTP-upload profile with “Ask for password” was not asking for password when publishing.
  • Correction: Was not showing a correct list of open source libraries.

Version 5.1.24

  • Correction: Could not select web components that were placed on top of text objects.
  • Correction: When not making changes to a text object and closing the properties dialog you still got a question about saving changes.
  • Correction: Prefix were not always saved on models.
  • Correction: The error “missing symbol” could cause imports to fail.
  • Correction: When creating a repository on Mac you could get a question to upgrade the new repository.
  • Correction: When publishing a word report, using a list in a table cell caused the report to fail.
  • Improvement: Prefix for swimlanes/frame objects are always shown by the label of the frame.

Version 5.1.23

  • Correction: If saving the repository on a harddrive (or other area) that later could not be reached an error was caused.
  • Correction: Document folder could not be overwritten when publishing.
  • Improvement: Result in browser and left panel reacts immediately when changing filter or columns to view.

Version 5.1.22

  • Correction: Admin Tool was not started with the same flags as 2c8 Modeling Tool when adding flags.
  • Correction: User cout keep modeling after an exception report which could cause more errors.
  • Correction: Problem with running 5.1.20 and 5.1.21 on Mac.
  • Improvement: Minimize downtime of published material when publishing.
  • Improvement: Possibility to filter lists, matrices and relations in left panel.

Version 5.1.21

  • Correction: Could not change color of bullets in bullet lists in descriptions.
  • Correction: Failed to create new revisions.
    Correction: Publish to PDF looked bad when using large images.

Version 5.1.20

  • Correction: “Field type” and “data type” was used for describing the same thing.
  • Correction: Old icon was used in image-selector.
  • Improvement: “Delete” and “unsaved changes”-alerts have been synced in language and buttons.
  • Correction: When deleting document root, make sure documents using it gets the correct link.
  • Correction: Weird colors BPMN-model when using 2c8 Standard color profile.
  • Correction: Relations using “category” did not work after upgrade.
  • Correction: Text objects should was treated as transparent which made them impossible to select.
  • Correction: When pasting text from Word into descriptions it could cause the report publish not to work.

Version 5.1.19

  • Correction: When publishing to a folder the new folders did not inherit the permissions of the folder.

Version 5.1.18

  • Correction: Object “Adaption” did not have a description in the default configuration.
  • Correction: Centuri, when using table on publish field “title” is not first column.
  • Correction: No scrollbar when choosing document type in “properties” and window positions under the taskbar.
  • Correction: No scrollbar when using Excel import and having too many rows.
  • Correction: Error when reading some fields of the type checklist and drop down.

Version 5.1.17

  • Correction: Got incorrect name when renaming document links in the left panel.
  • Correction: The program got stuck in splash screen mode.
  • Correction: Error when creating breakdown from a relation arrow.
  • Correction: Export cannot handle “approved versions”, yet you could select that when exporting.
  • Correction: Bulge of intersecting relations did not work sometimes.
  • Correction: Not possible to start Admin Tool on Mac when using the Launcher.
  • Correction: Validation after changing object size destroyed relations.
  • Correction: Some users got prefixes on two rows.
  • Correction: Cloned repositories sometimes got stuck in status “CLONING”.
  • Correction: Error when removing read permissions for yourself on a model and the model is open.
  • Correction: More stable description edit on slower computers.
  • Improvement: Lists are searchable in the left panel.
  • Improvement: Prefix are placed over object instead of on top of it.
  • Improvement: Possible to drag documents/objects from the left panel without having to click once to select them before dragging them.
  • Improvement: New more clear object definitions in English.
  • Improvement: When using frame objects it is now possible to select objects inside the frames even if they are not in the same layer.
  • Improvement: Soft dash works in frame objects.
  • Improvement: Bubble dialogs got the same distance from frame to content.
  • Improvement: Warning dialog when publishing with unsaved tabs.

Version 5.1.16

  • Correction: Crashed when loading multiple models with the same symbols
  • Correction: Open local repo failed when trying to create subscribers
  • Correction: Could not add values to field “Status”
  • Correction: Could not publish with “Latest approved version of models”
  • Correction: Searching in browser changed the model title
  • Correction: Bold text in word/pdf-reports removed the space between the words.

Version 5.1.15

  • Correction: Hyphenation was printed differently on model area and when exporting to image.
  • Correction: Error when publishing a report profile.

Version 5.1.14

  • Correction: 2c8 Modeling Tool did not start because of timeout.

Version 5.1.13

  • Correction: Error when using shortcut for quickdraw twice in a row.

Version 5.1.12

  • Correction: Hyphenation crashed when there were no hyphenation files installed.
  • Correction: Error when a new language was added and trying to place an object only existing in the first language.
  • Improvement: Admin Tool can now be adjusted to smaller screen sizes.

Version 5.1.11

  • Correction: Relations moved and disconnected from the objects by themselves.
  • Correction: Error when adding an image to an object.
  • Correction: Problem with cutting and pasting objects on the modeling area.
  • Correction: Space at the end of the repository name caused the publishing destinations to not load.
  • Correction: Label changed size when creating a breakdown.
  • Correction: Tables in descriptions continued outside of the page in word reports.
  • Correction: Columns in lists were overwriting each other.

Version 5.1.10

  • Correction: Could not import, “duplicate entry color profile”.
  • Correction: The published material could sometimes not be placed in an iframe.
  • Correction: When placing objects the suggested objects tried to list objects that the user did not have permissions to use.
  • Correction: Publishing was crashing when using quotation marks in the options of fields.
  • Correction: Could not close repository after publishing, “updating versions”.
  • Improvement: Prefix are now available as a column in entity properties lists.

Version 5.1.9

  • Correction: Publishing from command line was not working.

Version 5.1.8

  • Correction: The program did not start the first time after activation.

Version 5.1.7

  • Correction: When using the share-function the content of the email was written in the “to”-field in Outlook.

Version 5.1.6

  • Correction: Crashing when relations were drawn in BPMN-models.

Version 5.1.5

  • Correction: Users collided (“username taken”) when importing.
  • Correction: Last button when importing was unreachable.
  • Correction: Did not work to rename index.html to index.aspx.
  • Correction: Crashing when model was drawn.

Version 5.1.4

  • Correction: Fixes incorrect results from lists filtering on field values (e.g. status/category) after upgrading to 5.1.

Version 5.1.3

  • Correction: Field values were printed on the same row in reports, now they are printed on individual rows like before version 5.1.
  • Correction: Fixes incompatibility with server versions prior to 5.1-u3.
  • Improvement: Updated system requirements.

Version 5.1.2

  • Improvement: UI-improvements of the feature subscribers and notifications.
  • Correction: Swimlanes created before version 5.1 got white text with the 5.1-upgrade.

Version 5.1.1

  • Correction: Database upgrade failed when there were duplicate revisions.

Version 5.1