ISO standards - 2c8

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ISO standards

ISO standards

2c8 has signed an agreement with SIS (Swedish Institute for Standards), where we offer our customers ready-made requirement models based on
ISO 9001, 14001, 27000, or 45000, together with parts of the standard’s text in the description of the objects.

Adressing requirements - quick and easy

The requirement models can easily be imported into 2c8 Modeling Tool where you can address requirement objects to processes, meetings, or organizational models where you have working methods/ability to meet the standard. The requirement objects in the models contain parts of the standard text to create a better understanding of the requirement and the SIS logo. The service helps you to quickly get started with addressing requirements directly in your models and get an overview matrix that shows which requirements are set and where in the organization you are expected to have the ability to meet the requirements.
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