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Management system

Support with your Management System

In 2c8 Apps you can build and maintain your management system. The models are created in a visual interface and made easily accessible to employees on the web. Our consultants are here to help you throughout the journey to a digital management system in 2c8 Apps. From identifying processes, creating models, and linking information to managing and finally publishing the material. To facilitate the work, we have also developed a standardized model package that you can use as a basis for the work and then adapt to your business. The modeling package gives you a solid foundation to work on. The models included in the model package are standard models for management processes and support processes. No so-called main/ core/business processes are included, but you can easily add them yourself based on your particular business. Of course, our consultants can also help to continue the work on the models in the model package. The modeling package consists of the following:

Management Processes

Plan the business

  • Assess the business concept and vision
  • Assess new/changed conditions
  • Assess risks and opportunities
  • Decide on monitoring and measurement
  • Determine requirements for products and services
  • Determine resources
  • Determine risks and opportunities
  • Determine governance and control of products and services
  • Determining needs and expectations (requirements)
  • Establish plans, objectives, key figures, and organization
  • Communicate conditions
  • Communicate with employees and stakeholders
  • Plan follow-up of compliance with laws and standards
  • Plan operations
  • Prioritise new/changing needs
  • Manage/maintain documented information
  • Develop audit plan
  • Establish objectives and strategy
  • Establish policies and guidelines
  • Prepare/ revise the business plan and budget

Follow-up within the business

  • Analyzing deviations
  • Analyzing customer satisfaction
  • Analyse results of audits
  • Prepare management meeting
  • Follow up on finances
  • Follow up on laws
  • Monitor targets and key performance indicators
  • Monitor and analyze compliance
  • Monitor production, design, and development
  • Monitor projects/programs
  • Monitor operations
  • Conduct management team meeting
  • Plan and implement changes
  • Plan operations
  • Review compliance with requirements
  • Manage/maintain documented information

Support Processes

  • Managing deviations
  • Providing competences
  • Manage and control externally provided processes
  • Continuous improvement
  • Manage comments and suggestions for improvement
  • Manage/maintain documented information
  • Conduct environmental investigation
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction
  • Conduct audits

Other models

  • Organization
  • Stakeholder
  • Relationship/ Requirement
  • Meeting/Forum
  • Objectives
  • Risk analysis
  • SWOT analysis
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