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Hosting services

Hosting Services

2c8 server functionality is required to allow multiple users to collaborate and co-create models in 2c8 Apps. 2c8 offers hosting services where we take care of installation, maintenance, databases etc. 

To use the hosting service, 2c8 need information on:

  • Who should be granted server access
  • Names of repositories you wish to connect to
  • Contact details for updates on upgrades, maintenance interruptions etc.

Unless otherwise stated, 2c8 servers have 99.6% accessibility Monday through Friday 9 am – 4 pm (CET). We back up data every 24 hours and are often able to retrieve lost data if something goes wrong. Communication is on a secured line.

To facilitate the installation of 2c8 apps, it is recommended to create a MSI package. Read more about client installations here.