BPMN - 2c8

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BPMN models (Business Process and Notation) is a model type whose original purpose was to create executable code, ie automate processes in IT applications. Today, BPMN models are often used to visualize the steps in a business process, from start to finish.

2c8 and BPMN

You can create BPMN models in 2c8 Apps, but we do not advocate the usage of BMPN models. We consider these models to be much harder for the organization to understand and education is needed to contribute in workshops. It also takes training for the end-user to be able to read the models and make use of them. BPMN is a notation developed by the IT-people for the IT-people with the original purpose of describing information flows. Many organizations are not as far along, and “only” use notations for process development. But, with the given background of the model, it is not the optimal language to describe processes as a way of communication between people. BPMN is also limited because it only considers the process perspective (as a model type). We acknowledge more perspectives and want the opportunity to have bridges between them. This means we can switch between different perspectives, such as role to an organization, demands to an interested party/relationship model, and application to the application model etc.